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New & Used Industrial Equipment from Bronneberg

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Are you looking to purchase electric motor wreckers or other recycling tools and machines from Bronneberg? Solid Equipment Company is your source for new or used metal recycling equipment!

Why Invest in Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment?

When processed correctly, scrap metals like steel, aluminum, and copper can have significant value. In order to reclaim the raw materials, however, the metals must be stripped of foreign materials, sorted by type, and processed to make them easier to reuse. For industrial recyclers, this processing can be extremely difficult without the proper equipment.

At Solid Equipment Company, we feature the latest industrial recycling equipment from our valued partners at Bronneberg, including innovative products like their Alligator and PowerBird shears, industrial wire strippers, and more. We serve industrial recyclers and other businesses throughout the United States and Canada, providing a full line of industrial recycling equipment and related products.

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Bronneberg Recycling Equipment

Bronneberg manufactures a variety of equipment for cutting and processing metals, stripping wires, disassembling electric motors, and more. At Solid Equipment Company, our Bronneberg equipment includes:

Hydraulic Shears

Bronneberg offers stationary and alligator shears that quickly cut steel, aluminum, and other metals into manageable sizes for processing. The hydraulically-powered Alligator series come with 16, 20, or 24-inch blades, while the all-electric 600 E features a 24-inch blade and up to 250 tons of cutting force. The PowerBird can easily be moved by forklift and features a protective cover for the machine and blades.

Wire Strippers

Bronneberg wire strippers make the process of extracting valuable copper and aluminum from electrical cables fast and simple, using adjustable rollers and blades to adapt to multiple wire sizes. The Kab-W can handle cables of up to 3.5 and 7 inches, respectively.

Scrap Metal Balers

Scrap balers from Bronneberg compress steel, aluminum, and other materials into a small cubes for easy storage, transportation, and recycling. The SP-350 is designed for high-speed baling, while the MPZ Extreme is designed for extremely high compression, to fit the most material into the smallest space.

Roll Splitters

Excess rolled materials like aluminum coils, paper, cardboard, and plastic can easily be cut into smaller sizes for recycling with the Bronneberg roll splitter. Using a hydraulically-powered blade, the machine cuts rolled materials along the length to create manageable sheets.

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