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Holmatro Industrial Recycling Equipment for Sale

Cutting metal materials like pipes, large cables, steel cables, automotive exhaust systems, rebar, and sheet metal typically required a torch, plasma cutter, or a grinding wheel in the past, which is a slow, inefficient, and messy process. With one of the many industrial shears from Holmatro, such materials can easily and quickly be cut using hydraulic power and a set of heavy-duty meal blades. This saves time and eliminates the dangers of sparks around combustible materials.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a variety of stationary and portable hydraulic shears form Holmatro, as well as accessories like hydraulic pumps, replacement parts and more. We can help you find the right hydraulic shear for your needs, and we offer both new and used models. Our company serves industrial recycling facilities, scrapyards, salvage yards, demolition companies, and other businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

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Benefits of Holmatro Industrial Shears

Holmatros variety of shears, cutters, and spreaders offer immense power in a small package. They can cut through a variety of tough materials, including steel, aluminum, iron, composites, and more. By using Holmatro shears instead of traditional cutting tools, your business can:

  • Save time wasted on cutting and grinding metals
  • Reduce purchases of cutting wheels and expensive diamond blades
  • Cut materials precisely and quickly, when required
  • Cut scrap materials into manageable sizes faster
  • Eliminate sparks near combustible materials that are often found in salvage yards
  • Reduce worker injuries from flying sparks and metal shavings

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Types of Holamtro Shears, Cutters, and Spreaders

Holamtro offers numerous hydraulic tools for industrial applications, including:

  • Standard-blade mobile shears – Powered by a portable electric or gasoline-powered hydraulic pump, these sheers range from 3.75 to 11.65-inch maximum openings between the jaws, with between 10 and 65 tons of cutting force. They feature curved, claw-like blades in a variety of sizes and profiles that are ideal for cutting pipes, cables, and other rounded materials without slipping.
  • Straight-blade mobile shears – With vertically-orientated straight blades, these shears are designed to provide precise cuts on flat materials like sheet metal. They feature up to an 11.65-inch jaw opening and up to 26.9 tons of cutting force.
  • Combi-blade mobile shears – Designed with specialized straight blades that have serrated protrusions on the ends, these shears can be used both for cutting and spreading. They feature a 9-inch blade opening and up to 26.9 tons of cutting force.
  • Mobile spreaders –These shears are designed be inserted between two surfaces in a closed position, and as pressure is applied, the surfaces are spread apart. Spreaders are available in multiple sizes and designs for a variety of applications, including vehicle rescues.
  • Stationary shears – Designed for permanent installation at one location, these shears are designed to reduce worker fatigue and are built specifically for speed and durability in a production environment. Available with combi, straight, short, cable, and horizontal shear blades, these shears have up to 26.9 tons of cutting force and a 4.5 to 11.6-inch blade opening.

At Solid Equipment Company we work closely with Holmatro to provide the industrial shears you require for your application, including custom designs.

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