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Alligator Shears

New & Used Alligator Shears for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following alligator shears:

forfex 400 16 alligator shears for sale

Forfex 500 20″ Alligator Shear

Bronneberg’s Forfex 500 has the same power pack and cylinder size as the Forfex 400, the 500 takes a larger bite for single cut capability on wider materials like aluminum extrusion and radiators

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For reducing and cutting large metal pieces into more manageable segments for industrial recycling purposes, our powerful A-600 is an excellent option. Safe to operate and highly adjustable, the A-600 E will cut all types of metal in nearly any format or shape, with 250 tons of force capability. The equipment is compact and durable. The A-600 E model is designed to handle the toughest jobs, including high tensile strength, oversized pieces, stainless steel, and titanium.

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Industrial Alligator Shears for Efficient Scrap Processing

An alligator shear has a hinged jaw and smooth, heavy-duty blades that can cut through various types of metals. They are used worldwide in scrap yards and junkyards to help clean non-ferrous and ferrous materials by cutting them into smaller pieces allowing for easy separation

Industrial alligator shears can help you process

  • Radiators
  • Cable/wire
  • Reinforced rebar
  • Extrusions
  • Catalytic converters

They can quickly cut these products and more with their powerful shearing action and jaws made of high-tempered steel. These shears come in three different sizes (16”, 20” and 24”) depending on the application.

Are you looking for reliable and efficient industrial alligator shears for your business in the United States? Solid Equipment Company offers a wide range of high-quality scrap metal cutting shears to meet your scrap processing needs. Our selection includes new and used options to suit your budget and requirements.  Our new shears are stocked in Maryland with spare parts readily available.

With our advanced hydraulic technology and precision engineering, you can expect exceptional performance and durability from industrial alligator shears. Discover how this recycling equipment can streamline your scrap processing operations.

Efficient Scrap Processing

Alligator shears excel at handling long and large pieces of stock and scrap. With their robust construction and powerful hydraulic systems, they effortlessly cut through a wide range of materials, including copper, brass, aluminum, and more. Whether in metal fabrication, recycling, or demolition, scrap-handling alligator shears provide the necessary productivity and reliability.

Versatility and Adaptability

Our alligator shears are designed to handle a variety of materials and scenarios. Whether you require specific dimensions or need to simply clean brass fittings from copper tubing, our alligator shears are the perfect tool.

New and Used Industrial Shears

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a comprehensive selection of new and used industrial shears to meet your specific requirements. We understand that budget considerations are important, so we provide cost-effective used shears without compromising quality.

If you prefer a brand-new shear, we have you covered with our top-of-the-line models featuring the latest advancements in hydraulic technology.

Unlock the Power of Industrial Alligator Shears

Upgrade your scrap processing capabilities with our reliable and high-performance industrial alligator shears. Solid Equipment Company is your trusted supplier in delivering cutting-edge solutions from the industry’s top brands for your metal fabrication, recycling, and demolition needs.

Contact us at 888-813-9225 to explore our range of alligator shears and find the perfect fit for your business. Invest in efficiency and precision with Solid Equipment Company today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydraulic Alligator Shears

Industrial alligator shears are used in scrap yards and junkyards to process various types of scrap metal. They can cut through materials such as radiators, cable/wire, reinforced rebar, extrusions, and catalytic converters, making them easier to manage.

These shears offer several benefits, including efficient scrap processing, versatility, and adaptability. They can handle large pieces of stock and scrap, effortlessly cutting through various materials like copper, brass, and aluminum. They are reliable, highly productive, and suitable for metal fabrication, recycling, and demolition applications.

New alligator shears will be more costly. Quality used hydraulic shears can be a good investment as well. With little extra maintenance compared to new equipment, you can save significantly on the upfront costs or upgrade to a larger, more powerful model for the same initial investment. At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a wide selection of new and high-quality used hydraulic shears.

Suppose you need hydraulic shears to fast process smaller components like sheet metal, automotive radiators, catalytic or exhaust systems that can be carried to the machine. In that case, alligator shears are the best option. There are available for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a range of sizes and capacities.

For disassembling items too large to carry to the shears, like car bodies, appliances, or large masses of cable and wire, handheld hydraulic shears are a good alternative and can be combined with stationary shears for a complete scrap processing solution.

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