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Screening Buckets

Powerful Solutions for Your Industrial Recycling Operation

Seperates C&D debris out of soil and sand, gravel and aggregates out of soil, non-flammable material from ashes at incinerator, stones out of excavated material and more.

The compact design and tough frame structure of the screening buckets make this attachment lightweight and easy to operate. A built-in control valve regulates flow and pressure to the TMB, eliminating the need for costly plumbing on the carrier excavator. A double-acting single pump flow kit used to run a thumb, crusher or shear is all that is needed to achieve two-way rotation. The in-body control valves allow the drum rotation speed to be fine-tuned for smooth operation in a variety of applications.


When you need to separate or sift one material from another on a large scale, screening buckets are ideal. Whether you are removing construction and demolition debris like bricks or nails from the soil, metals from incinerator ash, or larger gravel and stones from topsoil, Our TMB screening buckets from Solid Equipment Company can help. Made by Okada, the TMB series Trommel buckets combine a toothed bucket for an excavator with a rotating screening drum, allowing smaller particles of sand, ash, or other materials to fall through while larger materials remain in the bucket to be deposited elsewhere.

The TMB series screening bucket features replaceable screens with varying mesh sizes to exclude different types of materials, replaceable bucket teeth to maintain excellent digging performance, and an automatic lubrication system to maximize the bucket’s service life. At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following TMB screening bucket models:

  • TMB30: Weighing 1,325 pounds, the TMB20 features a 0.7-cubic-yard drum capacity.
  • TMB50: Weighing 2,650 pounds, the TMB50 features a 1.6-cubic-yard drum capacity.
  • TMB70: Weighing 4,900 pounds, the TMB50 features a 2.1-cubic-yard drum capacity.
  • TMB120: Weighing 6,174 pounds, the TMB50 features a 3.2-cubic-yard drum capacity.

The TMB series screening bucket is tough, reliable, and long-lasting, and it is a great choice for everything from site cleanups, reclamation, and soil preparation to scrap metal processing and recycling.

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