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Concrete Attachments

Concrete Attachments For Sale

Businesses that handle large amounts of material, such as scrap, waste, soil, or demolition debris, rely heavily on machines like excavators, backhoes, skidsteers, and other heavy equipment. Without the right attachments for the job, these machines can be ineffective or inefficient at specialized tasks like pulling apart buildings, sorting metals, grasping unwieldy objects, or separating coarse materials from fine materials.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a variety of attachments for heavy equipment, including specialty buckets, grapples, magnets, long-reach arms, and more. We work with top manufacturers like GRYB to ensure that you can get the tools and attachments that you need to do the job properly. Our company serves industrial recyclers, scrapyards, waste processors, salvage yards, and demolition companies throughout the United States and Canada.

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About Our GRYB Concrete Attachments

We offer several GRYB attachments for processing recycled concrete, sorting materials, and moving aggregate and sand. These include:

super heavy duty buckets supplier

Extreme Heavy Duty Buckets & Super Heavy Duty Buckets

These buckets are designed for the worst winter and mining conditions. They are made entirely of extremely wear-resistant materials and are assembled with great precision. They are ideal for use with soil that has been mined or blasted. The super heavy duty buckets feature reinforced sides, lateral protectors, anti-wear plates, protective heels, a v-shaped blade, and tooth space width.

Each part is preheated to the recommended temperature and the heat is controlled at the time of welding to provide unrivalled resistance. GRYB super heavy duty buckets are subject to numerous quality tests and are approved by an engineer.

The bolted wear parts are easily interchangeable. The safety factor is four times the maximum strength of the excavator. The bucket allows for loading and dumping at an optimized angle.

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gryb 4 in 1 buckets supplier in usa

GRYB 4 in 1 Buckets

The GRYB 4 in 1 bucket combines the use of a grapple, the strength of a standard thumb, and the functions of a ditching bucket. This bucket is ideal for all your multitasking projects since you can also easily switch between leveling, handling, digging, and excavation.

It features 45-degree inclination on each side and is available for all types of quick-couplers. These buckets offer better precision and control, in addition to improving safety on construction sites. They greatly increase machine productivity and versatility.

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extreme use rock bucket

GRYB Extreme-Use Rock Buckets

These buckets are designed for extreme working conditions. Every GRYB extreme-use rock bucket is made according to strict quality guidelines and are engineer approved. Additionally, all buckets are inspected and subjected to extensive strength tests.

The design includes a rock guard that protects your bucket. The top bucket is designed to protect and prevent rocks from hitting the loader. It has a protective lining for the quick hitch and interchangeable bolted anti-wear blocks. It also possesses rock chip protection for the loaders. Its vertical protectors prolong the life of the bucket.

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Available in four sizes, this attachment has heavy-duty teeth that can crush and pulverize concrete, and it features a quick-coupler for fast installation.

Secondary breaking crushers were developed as a result of a growing need to reduce disposal volume and recycle concrete waste created during concrete building demolition. The flat, wide jaw design and an internal speed valve make it possible to grab and crush large sections of concrete quickly.

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screening buckets supplier in new york

Screening Buckets

When you need to separate or sift one material from another on a large scale, screening buckets are ideal. Whether you are removing construction and demolition debris like bricks or nails from the soil, metals from incinerator ash, or larger gravel and stones from topsoil, Our TMB screening buckets from Solid Equipment Company can help. Made by Okada, the TMB series Trommel buckets combine a toothed bucket for an excavator with a rotating screening drum, allowing smaller particles of sand, ash, or other materials to fall through while larger materials remain in the bucket to be deposited elsewhere.

The TMB series screening bucket features replaceable screens with varying mesh sizes to exclude different types of materials, replaceable bucket teeth to maintain excellent digging performance, and an automatic lubrication system to maximize the bucket’s service life.

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