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Engine Crushers

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Bronneberg Engine Crusher

Engine crushers provide an easy way to increase profit from car recycling activities since an engine crusher enables you to recover the aluminum from an engine or gearbox.

The Bronneberg engine crusher is engineered to process car engines, gearboxes, and aluminum wheels. It is easy to operate and built to last. It has a pusher cylinder with 125 tons of crushing force. The entire box of the machine is equipped with HARDOX wears plates.

This engine crusher has a sophisticated system that enables you to adjust the opening of the exit, which controls the size of the output material. Crushing engines and gearboxes enables you to easily separate the valuable aluminum from the steel. The Bronneberg engine crusher is designed to work in a fully automatic cycle after the loading hopper is filled.

It is available with a diesel or electric drive. The machine also has the option to be equipped with a vibrating table with a drum magnet or with a horizontal belt with overbelt magnet. This powerful machine will likely pay for itself with the profit it generates within a relatively short time frame (one year or longer).

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bronneberg engine crushers for sale

Bronneberg Engine Crusher Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 107” x 57” x 130”
  • Hopper dimensions: 59” x 39”
  • Compression force: 125 T
  • Weight: 14,700lbs
  • Charging box dimensions: 43” x 39”

Why Do You Need Engine Crushers?

Car engines, gearboxes, and aluminum wheels all have valuable aluminum parts. An engine crusher reduces these things into small particles, enabling the aluminum to be separated from the ferrous and other metallic components. This makes sorting much easier and significantly increases the profitability of your car recycling activities.

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Trust Us for Your Industrial Recycling Machines

Solid Equipment Company specializes in top of the line recycling equipment. For reclaiming value from old car engines, gearboxes, and aluminum wheels, we’ve teamed with Bronneberg to supply the latest technology in engine crushing.

If you are interested in purchasing Bronneberg engine crushers, contact Solid Equipment Company today! Bronneberg is well-known around the world for producing reliable, quality, and innovative machines that are designed to last. Solid Equipment Company is proud to be one of the few exclusive North American distributors of Bronneberg equipment.

We provide a wide range of industrial recycling equipment, in addition to engine crushers. Wherever you are located in the United States we can take care of your industrial recycling equipment needs; we process orders anywhere in the United States. We are committed to working with our customers to provide the best equipment for their needs. We are invested in the profitability of your endeavors!

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Our experts can help you to solve any of your industrial recycling challenges. The Bronneberg engine crusher is powerful, easy to operate, and built to last. They provide a great way to increase the profitability of car recycling activities.

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engine crushers for sale bronneberg