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Factory Reconditioned Pulverizer OSC360A-FM

Secondary breaking crushers were developed as a result of a growing need to reduce disposal volume and recycle concrete waste created during concrete building demolition. The flat, wide jaw design and an internal speed valve make it possible to grab and crush large sections of concrete quickly.

View the OSC series in action here!

Large jaw opening and crushing area ensure unmatched productivity
“Shell-shaped wedge” provides high crushing ability
A high flow speed valve built into the cylinder achieves the faster cycle in time in its class
Short body: Easy to operate

4 month factory warranty included

Operating weight: 6970 lbs
Oil flow: 66-132 gpm
Operating pressure: 250-500 psi
Overall length: 106″
Overall height: 69.3″
Maximum jaw opening: 43.5″
Cutter blade length: 7.1″
Crushing force at center of jaw: 112″
Carrier weight range: 60,000-96,000lbs