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Fuel Tank Drill

The quickest way to remove fuel from end-of-life vehicles



Safely and quickly removing fuel from end-of-life vehicles is critically important to prevent hazardous waste from polluting the area around your shop.

Fuel Tank Drill can be used in conjunction with our Workshop Fuel Scavenger to provide suction. If your vehicle processing volume increases, it can also be used with our Fixed Fuel Scavenger to pipe the fuel directly to storage. This type of modular system is perfect for increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Unique water and sediment separation system is included as standard with your Fuel Tank Drill. This ensures that you retrieve clean, reusable fuel from end-of-life vehicles. The separation system also serves a dual purpose as a sight glass. Both single and double options are available depending on your business needs.

>>Packed with useful features

  • Reversible drill bit, which keeps consumable costs low
  • Built-in swarf filter
  • Unique water and sediment separation system, ensuring you only retrieve clean and reusable fuel


  • Only one drill needed for both steel and plastic tanks
  • Suitable for use with both gasoline and diesel
  • Plugs directly into most fuel recovery systems

>>Easy to use

  • Drill is lifted pneumatically to meet the fuel tank

>>Safe to use

  • Non-sparking, low rev, high-torque drilling system


Fuel is a highly explosive material and working with it is a potentially dangerous activity. The Fuel Tank Drill ensures that you drain fuel in a safe way, as it doesn’t use a spike to pierce the tank. No drip trays are used, as these can cause a lethal buildup of gasoline vapor that cannot disperse safely.


Training is vital to ensure you maximize the profitability and longevity of your Fuel Tank Drill. We have the following training options available for you:

  • Free online training information and video
  • Certificated training on your site – price on application

If you want more information on the Fuel Tank Drill or any of our other services, contact Solid Equipment Company at 888-813-9225.