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Hammer Mills

Hammer MIll

How Does a Hammer Mill Work?

Hammer mills feature a set of rotating discs mounted on a central shaft. Each disc has several rods running through it, each with heavy steel hammers connected to the rods. The discs can rotate, and as they pick up speed, the hammers rotate outward from the rods toward a drum that surrounds the disc assembly.

Raw materials are dropped in from the top of the assembly, and as they fall between the outer drum and the hammers, the hammers impact the raw material and crush it. A screen in the drum allows particles that have been sufficiently crushed to fall through the bottom of the drum to a waiting container or conveyor belt for further processioning or packaging.

Our hammer mills are designed for longevity. We can break up electric motors, transformers, meatballs, green boards, and much more.

Standard features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Complete and ready to run. Includes hammer mill, inlet chute, belts, motor, full enclosure guards, all integrated on a steel skid
  • Robust construction with long-wearing chrome hammers, AR-400 abrasion-resistant protective liners and screens
  • Sizes: 16 inches by 12 inches through 30 inches by 24 inches (diameter by width) (up to 100 HP)
  • Discharge size: varies from powder up to 3-inch minus
  • All wear and replacement parts are in stock
  • Most machines are in stock for quick delivery

To learn more about the inner workings of our hammer mills from Solid Equipment Company, call 888-813-9225 or contact our experts online.

Hammer Mill Hammer Mill Hammer Mill Hammer Mill

What Are Hammer Mills Used For?

Hammer mills can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the industry. They can be used to break up soil, rocks, and mineral deposits to create a product of uniform consistency, such as in the production of sodium bentonite waterproofing. In the food industry, they can be used to process especially tough grains or plant materials, such as flour from mesquite beans.

At Solid Equipment Company, clients use our hammer mills for everything from breaking up concrete or processing topsoil to breaking scrap materials into smaller pieces or processing scrap motors. We carry hammer mills from several top manufacturers, and we often have used hammer mills available in our used equipment inventory.

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Choose Solid Equipment Company for High-Quality, Durable Hammer Mills

When you need a tough, reliable machine to break apart some of the toughest materials in your scrap or recycling facility, choose a hammer mill from our team at Solid Equipment Company. We offer the highest-quality recycling machines and heavy equipment at budget-friendly prices, and we provide the support your need to get up and running faster.

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