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Blue Rotating Icebreaker


Commercial Ice Breakers for Sale

Commercial ice breaking and ice removal operations require a combination of speed, precision, and safety, meaning contractors need products and systems streamlined for getting the job done right. The Blue GRYB rotating ice breaker provided by Solid Equipment Company offers an innovative and efficient serrated roller designed to minimize the need for corrosive and harmful chemicals or salts.


Additional Info:

The Blue GRYB is capable of:

  • Crushing and removing ice up to 2 solid inches thick
  • Project completion at three times the speed of standard ice breaking equipment and systems
  • Offering a “green,” environment-protecting deicing system that obviates the use of salts and chemicals

If you need compatible and durable ice breaker equipment for your ice removal company or commercial applications, connect with Solid Equipment Company online, or call 855-952-2226 to speak with our product specialists!

Blue GRYB Rotating Ice Breaker

The Blue GRYB is ideal for breaking and moving ice on sidewalks, paths, and streets and highways. With serrated rollers (that use interchangeable bolted-on teeth by section—teeth are constructed using 500 BHN steel) offered at a range of widths and loads, and an automatic ground-leveling adaptive through inertia, the Blue GRYB is ideal as a simple, safe, and highly efficient means of breaking and moving ice in both smaller-scale and larger-scale commercial applications and projects.

Blue GRYB is compatible with nearly all commercial machine systems (Bobcat, John Deere, Komatsu, among many others) and the frame and roller are both available in multiple working widths in order to more easily choose and customize the right tool for your particular needs or situation.

Key features and details include:

  • A max movement speed of 25 km/h or 15.5 mph
  • Rubber shock absorbers for smooth motion and operation
  • Seven-tooth serrated roller installed every half-inch to prevent marking ground underneath the ice
  • Customizable working widths

Why Choose Solid Equipment Company for Ice Breaker Equipment?

Solid Equipment Company is dedicated to providing contractors and recycling industry specialists with a wide range of high-quality, durable tools to meet any task.

Our experts take a comprehensive approach to your needs, taking the time to understand the details of your project in-depth before making appropriate recommendations and offerings. We understand that you need speed, efficiency, and you need the exact right tool for the job—that is precisely what you can rely on Solid Equipment Company to provide.

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Whether you’re in need of the Blue GRYB, or you’re unsure what product would suit your project needs, you can count on Solid Equipment Company. We offer solutions to clients throughout the United States and Canada, so never hesitate to reach out to find out more, or for help finding the system or tool you need.

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