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Monsoon Diesel Dust Suppression


The Monsoon is your best solution for on-demand dust and odor control inside of:

  • Recycling facilities
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Wood recycling
  • Composting
  • And other similar applications where dust and odor are present!

The Monsoon Dust Suppression Air Mister offers relief to employees, customers, and athletes by functioning as an evaporative cooler. It also lowers the canopy temperature of sensitive turf areas and landscaping at golf courses, stadiums, public parks, and outdoor banquet facilities where heat stress is often high.

Utilizing a proprietary high speed rotary disc atomizer, the Monsoon Air Mister can distribute a fine mist of water to 50 feet. This revolutionary design only requires a standard 100-volt power source and a standard one-half hose bard fitting and is portable, lightweight, and has 180-degree oscillation capabilities.

You can choose to add a 16-gallon tank. No small nozzle tips are present to unclog or replace, making this model easy and economical to maintain


Additional Info:

The 3-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Kohler Diesel Engine allows for portable dust / odor control with the luxury of a fuel type that is common in these industries. This machine is equipped with 270 degree oscillation as well as several fail-safe features that protect the life of the machine. Also the Dust Controller Diesel DOES NOT use nozzle tips therefor plugging is not an issue with our proprietary rotary atomizing nozzle. This lightweight and portable design makes this machine the perfect fit for any dust or odor issue.

The Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller Diesel is designed to immediately control and suppress dust and odor in industrial or commercial applications. Improve air quality, lower health risk and help maintain environmental compliance by implementing the Buffalo Turbine at your work site.


  • Kohler 3 cylinder diesel engine
  • Liquid cooled engine, tier-4 compliant
  • Low-oil pressure shut-off
  • Low intake airflow shut-off
  • 3 wheel off-road trailer package for ease of transport
  • Extended engine life when compared to traditional gas models
  • Dual 6 gallon fuel tanks for additional run time
  • New, high speed oscillation up to 270°

Buffalo Turbine Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle

  • Single, low maintenance non-plugging nozzle generates atomized water mist to control and suppress dust, odor and smoke particulates.
  • Uses standard municipal water pressure and common 3/4″ garden hose connection.
  • Adjust water volume from 0 to 20 gallons per minute.
  • Change spray direction with remote control for non-electric models.
  • Horizontal spray over 125′ in neutral wind.
  • Vertical spray over 50′ in neutral wind.


Misting System: Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle

Hose Input: 3/4″ Utility / Garden Hose

Minimum Water Volume: 1/3 Gallon Per Minute

Maximum Water Volume: 20 Gallons Per Minute @ 120psi

Minimum Water Pressure: 40 psi

Maximum Water Pressure: 120 psi

Droplet size: 50-200 Microns

Throw Distance Horizontal: Up to 125 ft. in Neutral Wind Conditions

Throw Distance Vertical: Up to 50 ft. in Neutral Wind Conditions

Warranty 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Electric Motor Warranty: 3 Year Kohler Engine Warranty

Input Power: KDW1003 Kohler Engine Input RPM Up to 3600 RPM

Outlet Size: 12”

Oscillation: Settings up to 270°

Length with wheels and handle removed: 88”

Overall Length with Nozzle and tow handle: 136”

Width: 55”

Max Height with nozzle in upright position: 54”

Weight: 975 lbs.

Transmitter: Hand held wireless transmitter (water resistant) with push button control (manual control option available)

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