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Forfex 600 24″ Alligator Shear


The Forfex 600 24″ blade,  is the longest blade shear available.  This shear can cut steel ends off of radiators and size sheet aluminum for loading into baler or into gaylords.




Additional Info:

The Bronneberg Forfex-600 Alligator Shear – the ultimate solution for all your cutting needs! It was made for customers who are looking for a shear with a longer blade to cut larger items such as car radiators which it cuts through in one pass. With its 24″ blades and powerful performance, this shear is your go-to machine for effortlessly cleaning car radiators, aluminum, catalytic convertors, and copper coolers, and a wide variety of light and medium-sized non-ferrous materials.

Designed to be maintenance and operator-friendly, our alligator shear features a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp combined with a safety guard that ensures maximum operator safety. Say goodbye to material kickbacks – the hold-down clamp prevents any unwanted surprises, giving you peace of mind while you work.

But that’s not all! Our shear also goes beyond non-ferrous materials. Need to shear reinforcing bar or mild steel round bar? No problem! This powerful machine can handle ferrous materials too, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.

Operating the shear is a breeze thanks to the mechanical foot pedal. Single cutting? Just press the pedal. Adjusting the shear head opening? Simply move the end switch. And to prioritize operator safety, the shear head automatically returns to its starting position the moment the operator removes their foot from the pedal. For continuous cutting cycles, all you have to do is maintain pressure on the pedal – it’s that easy!

Don’t settle for mediocre shears. Experience the quality, efficiency, and versatility of the Bronneberg Forfex-600 Alligator Shear. Invest in a product that guarantees superior performance and operator safety. Get yours today and revolutionize your cutting experience!


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Forfex 600

Blade opening MAX 13.6”
Blade length 24”
Cutting capacity Ø 45 mm (St 37) /
2.1”Solid round
Power Pack Electric –  240 or 480 Volt 3 Phase- 10hp
Weight 2450 lbs
Dimensions 75”x 30”x 55”

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Item: Forfex 600 24″ Alligator Shear