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Mt Baker 24” x 16” Heavy Duty Hammer Mill Item#147



Mt. Baker 24” x 16” Heavy Duty Hammer Mill

40hp 3 phase motor

1/2” Slotted Screen, 1” Thick

12 Manganese Hammers

Hammer Mill Stand

Zig Zag Separator

Infeed Conveyor

Flat Conveyor 18.5’ Long

2hp 3 phase motor

Magnetic Cross Belt

  3/4hp 3 phase

Electrical Cabinet was made for Outdoor Use

Spare 2” x 3” Rectangular Screen, 1” Thick

Spare 1” Slotted Screen, 1” Thick

480V 3 Phase

Bought New in May 2019


Also Includes a Grizzly G0638 10 HP 3 Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

Customer bought and tested small transformers, iron, and aluminum


Additional Info:

The Ultimate Solution for Effective Metal Recycling: Hammer Mills!

Are you in the metal recycling industry and searching for a game-changing piece of equipment? Look no further! Hammer Mills are here to revolutionize your metal recycling process, bringing you unparalleled efficiency and outstanding results.

Here’s why a Hammer Mill is the best choice for your metal recycling needs:

Unmatched Versatility: A Hammer Mill is specifically designed to process various types of metals, ensuring that no material goes to waste. From aluminum to steel and everything in between, our machines can handle it all. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities!

Efficient Size Reduction: Say goodbye to bulky metal items that are difficult to handle. Our Hammer Mills utilize cutting-edge technology to quickly and effectively reduce the size of metal materials. The result? Easily manageable pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into the recycling process, saving you time, effort, and resources.

Eco-Friendly Solution: As advocates of sustainable practices, we take pride in offering a product that aligns with environmental values. Our Hammer Mills not only facilitate efficient metal recycling but also contribute to a greener future. By reducing the volume of metal waste and enabling its transformation into valuable resources, we’re helping to conserve natural resources and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Revitalize your metal recycling process and experience the power of our Hammer Mills. From bonded metal separation to secure destruction of proprietary materials, we’ve got you covered. Trust our expertise and join countless satisfied customers who have already revolutionized their metal recycling operations with our cutting-edge equipment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to new heights. Contact us today and let us help you unlock the full potential of metal recycling with this unbeatable Hammer Mills!

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