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Radiator Processing Machine


Because it is made almost entirely of copper tubing and aluminum fins, radiator scrap is a high-value product and a very effective target for processing. Having an effective tool for this purpose makes radiator recycling swift and safe, and it also ensures that materials are not excessively damaged during disassembly and processing.

Radiator Recycling Machine RW 828 is the ideal choice for radiator recycling. The tool offers a variety of notable features, including:

  • Seven pairs of separation rollers
  • Flexible adjustment of roller tension to match radiator conditions
  • Strong, durable separation rakes
  • Speedy and safe separation performance

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Radiator Machine










Directly feeding radiators into the RW 828 initiates a quick process, in which the rollers will feed the AC radiator into a separation and grinding mechanism. Copper tubing is automatically separated from the aluminum fins and ejected from the far side, while the ground fins are ejected separately. This process adds considerable speed to radiator recycling and scrapping, without risking any material loss or potentially unsafe clumsiness of manual radiator processing systems.

The specifications of this radiator processing machine equipment are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 70” x 60” x 90”
  • Input gate width: 27”
  • Input size: 23” (W) x 80” (L)
  • Processing capacity: 3 tons / 8 hours
  • Electrical power: 240V / 460V – 3 phase- 60 Hz
  • Motor: 7.5HP x 2
  • Reducer: 5HP 10:1 – 2 HP 60:1
  • Electrical consumption: 17kW
  • Weight: 2,200 lbs.

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RADIATOR cutter – BAND SAW – RC 892

Multiple-layer radiators must first be separated into single lines in order to be further processed by RW 828 or similar processing systems. The RC 892 features a durable construction and strong band saw blade, suitable for separating and splitting quickly and efficiently.

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