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Forfex Alligator Shears 400, 500 & 600 for Scrap Metal Processing

New and Used Bronneberg Forfex Alligator Shears—In Stock

Alligator Shear 600Industrial metal shears are indispensable tools for recycling scrap materials. Hydraulics have made them:

  • Safer
  • More powerful
  • Lighter
  • More usable under a variety of work conditions

Whether you need stationary, heavy-duty scrap metal shears or lighter hydraulic shears for more exacting work, alligator shears can handle nearly any waste or recycling project you want to pursue.

Models 400, 500 and 600 Forfex Shears

Alligator BronneBronneberg Forfex alligator shears come with four-sided deep-hardened blades and are available in three different models: 400, 500, and 600. These units have 16″, 20″ and 24″ blades. This robust alligator shear is equipped with a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp, preventing the material from kicking back, and is designed for the cleaning and cutting of non-ferrous materials.

You operate an alligator shear head with a mechanical foot-pedal offering continuous or single cutting. You can easily adjust the metal shear head opening by moving the end switch. With operator safety in mind, the shear head also immediately moves back to its starting position after an operator removes his or her foot from the pedal.

All three sizes have the same motor, pumps and cylinder size. The only difference is the blade length. Longer blades may be able to cut a radiator in one bit rather than cutting half, rotation 180 degrees and cutting again.

Solid Equipment Company Partnerns with Bronneberg Recycling

Solid Equipment Company has created a strategic partnership to support and market Bronneberg’s range of compact and powerful machines. Bronneberg designed their shears to reduce a wide spectrum of industrial metals into a more manageable size and form for recycling. The Forfex alligator shears 400(16″), 500(20″), and 600(24″) can be configured to precisely fit your operations and the materials.

Solid Equipment Company specialists can assist in analyzing your needs to ensure that you choose the best alligator shear for your specific purposes. The scrap metal shears are highly adjustable and easy to use. As compact equipment with plenty of power, Forfex alligator shears will not require much space.

Bronneberg Forfex Alligator Shear Safety Features

The powerful Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears are equipped with safeguards to minimize the risk of injury. Solid Equipment Company will offer demonstrations and operational training by our industrial recycling equipment specialists. These durable shears are equipped with a mechanically adjustable stopper and a foot pedal for intermittent or continuous operation. The link arm is operated by an adjustable limit switch and the hydraulic shear head is surrounded by a safety cage. Jaw opening distance are adjustable for your specific needs.

Contact Solid Equipment Company to Talk to Our Alligator Shear Experts

Want advice from someone who knows everything there is to know about hydraulic shears? Contact Solid Equipment Company today for an expert opinion, or to place your order! Alligator Shear Machines are always in stock.

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