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Bronneberg PowerBird Alligator Shears

Do you need a machine that can help you prepare scrap for shredding? The PowerBird is an ideal solution when you want to separate different types of material to improve their purity and value.

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Benefits of Choosing the PowerBird Sheet Metal Shear

When you purchase this industrial recycling machine, you get equipment that is operator friendly, incredibly quiet, has maximum security, and is unique in its field. It is safe and easy to set up, and requires very little maintenance.

The PowerBird is equipped with an easy adjustable transparent safety guard, as well as a fully automatic working or cut per cycle by foot pedal control. Additionally, it comes with emergency stops on its control pedal, and a control box that activates separate emergency circuits. It has fork lift sockets for easy moving, and is capable of adjustable cutting speed and blade openings.

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We prioritize our customers’ profitability, so we provide guidance in choosing the best equipment for your individual applications. We always take time to evaluate your unique needs before making any recommendations about which equipment would best serve you.

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