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GRYB Industrial Recycling Scrap Attachments

Businesses that handle large amounts of material, such as scrap, waste, soil, or demolition debris, rely heavily on machines like excavators, backhoes, skidsteers, and other heavy equipment. Without the right attachments for the job, these machines can be ineffective or inefficient at specialized tasks like pulling apart buildings, sorting metals, grasping unwieldy objects, or separating coarse materials from fine materials.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a variety of attachments for heavy equipment, including specialty buckets, grapples, magnets, long-reach arms, and more. We work with top manufacturers like GRYB to ensure that you can get the tools and attachments that you need to do the job properly. Our company serves industrial recyclers, scrapyards, waste processors, salvage yards, and demolition companies throughout the United States and Canada.

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Scrap Attachments

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer several attachments for sorting and moving scrap materials, including:

  • Grapple Bucket – Featuring two grapples, this bucket grabs large materials easily.

    scrap attachments | recycling equipment
    Grapple Bucket
  • Magnets – A variety of electromagnets for moving and sorting ferrous materials.
scrap magnet
Scrap Magnet Attachment
  • Grapples – Grapples feature opposing claws that grab or pulverize materials, and our models include free models, positioned models, and heavy-duty pulverizer grapples.
forklift grapple attachment
Pictured: Orange Peel GRABIT Grapples for forklifts. We also offer Bateman/GRYB for excavators.

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At Solid Equipment Company, we offer both new and used attachments for many commercial uses, and we can help find the right model for your needs and your budget.

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