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Bronneberg High Speed SP-350 Baler

Do you need to process new steel stampings or punching from production lines, coils, cans, aluminum or steel turnings, copper, aluminum, or steel wire scrap? The Bronneberg SP-350 baler could be the industrial recycling machine you need!

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How Does the SP-350 Work?

This heavy duty baler cuts like a guillotine shear on the horizontal block, so you will never jam the material, and produces high density bales from a wide range of scrap. It is actuated by electric-hydraulic power units and is equipped with high-pressure piston pumps with the following water-protected components:

  • Variable output
  • Hydrologic valves
  • Oil filtering
  • A heating and cooling system

The pre-loading hopper can be loaded continuously for continuous bailing with a grapple or conveyor belt. If needed, the entire machine can be operated manually. It is stationary and requires a foundation.


Power Pack Electric 480 Volts 2 x 125 HP +1 x 30 HP
Bale Size 12” x 12” 16” x 16”
Pre-compression box 134” x 55”
First compression force 1.100 kN
Second compression force 2.100 kN
Third compression force 3.500 kN
Cycle Time 30 seconds
Production 90-100 bales per hour
Average bale weight 175 – 550 lbs
Average production weight 16 – 22 tons per hour
Operation Automatic, Remote control
Weight 72 tons
Overall dimensions 40 x 23 x 13 feet

New & Used Heavy Duty Balers for Sale

If you need a heavy duty baler that is designed and engineered in accordance with the latest technology and standards in engineering and manufacturing, you should consider the Bronneberg SP-350 high speed baler. However, at Solid Equipment Company, we make our recommendations based on your unique operation, budget, desires, and needs.

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