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MPZ Extreme 2 Compression Balers

MPZ balerSolid Equipment Company offers scrap metal balers manufactured by Bronneberg. These industrial recycling machines have been designed to be durable even under the most arduous working conditions while staying low maintenance. Bronneberg offers high quality scrap metal balers for the continuous baling of your scrap metals, such as steel and aluminum.

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Bronneberg MPZ Extreme 2 Compression Metal Baler

The Bronneberg MPZ Extreme baler is an industrial recycling tool designed according the latest specifications in:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Production standards

Designed to work on a daily, consistent basis, this heavyweight baler has been proven for many years with many satisfied customers all around the world. Minimal concrete foundations are required because the frame of the MPZ Extreme baler is self-supporting.

Learn About This Machine’s Shearing Functionality

This Bronneberg metal baler has been equipped with a shearing function between the first compression (horizontal) and the second compression (lateral) pusher block, eliminating jamming of oversized material and reducing down time. You can see the visualization of this process on the PLC and through modem production figures, which you can monitor from different locations.

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Useful Accessories

The Bronneberg MPZ-Extreme baler is designed for continuous baling applications like punching from production lines and metal turnings. You can also choose to equip this tool with a loading scale in order to produce bales with exact same weights. You can load the pre-loading hopper continuously with a grapple or a conveyor belt and determine the requested length of the bales by setting the number of pre-compression strokes.

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This baler suits every kind of scrap yard and can even be placed in production lines to minimize the handling of waste material during manufacturing processes. The main industries that will benefit from this press series is the automotive industry and industrial press lines with high waste accumulation.

If you would like more information about this machine, or if you are ready to make a purchase, contact Solid Equipment Company! We offer expert advice on industrial recycling equipment and can ensure that you are making an economical and profitable decision. Call us today!