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Rotor RR-5 Car Loggers

Roter RR-5 Is the Ideal Car Baler for Companies Processing Both Mixed Scrap and Cars on an Ongoing Basis

car balerThe Roter RR-5 car baler is easily transportable because it can be fitted with a container hook system or hydraulic lifting jacks. It produces high density bales from non-ferrous scrap metal as well as ELV and car scrap. The baler press is manufactured to compact most grades of scraps, including:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Truck cabs
  • Domestic scrap
  • Agricultural scrap
  • Skeletal plates
  • Profile plates

The baler is mounted onto a self-supporting frame with an integrated hydraulic power pack and a 145 HP Perkins Diesel engine.

metal crushing

How Does the RR-5 Work?

scrap metal proccessThe 200 tons pre-compression force of the lid makes sure that even large sized vehicles will be compacted in the box before the actual baling process can be started in an automatic cycle.
The highest in its class, the final pushing baling force is done with 155 tons. The operator can squeeze material quickly into the box without losing valuable time due to the unique design of the charging box. The machine is able to produce a high-density bale in less than 60 seconds when the charging box is closed.


Due to the widest box opening of its category, the RR-5 can easily be loaded with a grapple. It has been designed to hold large vehicles and to accelerate the box closing system to increase its production capacity every hour.

Custom Options

  • Enlargement charging box to 20 feet
  • Bale ejection door
  • Electric motor: 75/90 kW
  • Hydraulic lifting legs
  • Container hook roll-on/off system
  • Mobile configuration on trailer
  • Crane with cabin
  • Grapple with rotator
  • Cabin for operator
  • Cabin heating
  • Cabin air conditioner
  • Pre-heating hydraulic oil
  • Pre-heating engine
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Liquids collector
  • Customized color

Production Capacity

Large excavation bucketThe RR-5 can manage eight to fourteen tons of mixed scrap every hour, or between fifteen and twenty tons of vehicle scrap per hour.


  • Power Pack: Diesel Perkins 150 HP/106kW
  • Main Pump: Parker PV Plus Series
  • Working Pressure: 280 Bar
  • Remote Control: Autec MJ Series
  • Loading Box Length: 16 feet
  • Loading Box Width: 5 feet
  • Cylinders Per Lid: 3
  • Pre-Compression Force: 200 Tons
  • Pushing Baler Force: 155 Tons
  • Bale Size: 2’x2’xVariable