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Metal Briquetters for Scrap Processing & Recycling

Powerful Solutions for Your Industrial Recycling Operation

Loose metal chips, filings, shavings, or swarf from processes like machining, drilling, and grinding can be difficult to handle and may not earn as much of a return as other scrap materials. To make it easier to process these materials and maximize their value, consider a metal briquetting solution from Solid Equipment Company. We offer metal briquetting presses for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more.

Metal briquetters are effective when you need to:

  • Convert raw metal chips and pieces of a single type of material into small, cylindrical pieces
  • Grind and form loose metal pieces into a solid, compressed format for easier handling and transportation
  • Reduce the cubic volume of your original material to a smaller size
  • Save money on transportation and storage
  • Increase the value of your scrap

Briquetting can be used for aluminum, magnesium, brass, bronze, copper, steel, and cast iron. You may also have heard of tire wire briquetters, grinding swarf briquetters, metal chip compactors, and more.

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How Metal Briquetters Work

Metal briquetters compress metal chips, filings, and shavings into small, easy-to-handle briquettes that can easily be processed, recycled, and reused for making new metal products. Most briquetters use pressure alone to create briquettes from loose materials, though some models use a combination of pressure and heat. The result is a dense, dry briquette that can fetch higher scrap prices while taking up to 20 times less storage space than the loose chips and shavings.

For machining, fabrication, and manufacturing shops, briquetting presses can be a convenient way to process waste materials and keep the shop cleaner while simultaneously making a bit of extra money from materials that might otherwise be thrown away.

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About Our Metal Waste Briquetting Presses

We offer multiple briquetters, including:

Metalpress 150 Briquetting Press

Solid Equipment has partnered with CO.MA.FER, a cutting-edge Italian companyfan with expertise in a wide range of recycling equipment.  The Metalpress 150 briquetting press is powerful, safe, and easy-to-use equipment that requires little space while reducing large volumes of metal scrap.

Contact Solid Equipment Company to Order Your New or Used Briquetter

Our experts can help you choose the precise industrial recycling equipment you will need for the projected volume of material you plan to process.

Additionally, dependent upon your space and other logistic requirements, we can ensure that the briquetting press you choose coordinates well with your other activities. From these and more specific variables like efficiency and cost, you will be able to select high-quality metal briquetter that will serve you well for a long time.

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