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Call Today for an Estimate(866) 511-7720
Need industrial recycling equipment? We can help!

New & Used Recycling Equipment in Chicago

Solid Equipment Company has grown into the leading supplier of the most advanced metal recycling equipment for industrial use in the United States and Canada. We have a number of global partners, including Bronneberg and Holmatro, that allow us to provide state-of-the-art equipment and world-class expertise to our valued customers.

Solid Equipment Company is committed to offering profitable solutions for Chicago recycling companies who have a steady supply of various waste metal, including:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • And More!

With the right equipment, Chicago companies can reclaim these valuable metals and retain the useful characteristics as they are recycled into new products.

We Provide Unmatched Value

Scrap materials can be found in abundance in the Chicago area, and Solid Equipment Company is committed to helping Chicago recyclers maintain their value and increase profitability. From demolition wiring and fixtures to manufacturing and construction discard, value and profit await those with the right equipment and expertise to separate valuable metals.

Upgraded Your Industrial Recycling Equipment

Solid Equipment Company can provide compact equipment for maximum efficiency and increased profitability. Each machine is specially designed to handle a variety of volumes and diameters. Our range includes:

Wire & Cable Recycling Machines

Solid Waste Company can help your Chicago recycling company obtain efficient and compact equipment that you can operate with ease while maintaining safety standards. Each machine is specifically designed to handle a variety of volumes and diameters with ranges including:

  • Strippers that come in a variety of configurations and sizes to handle any type, volume, and diameter of wiring. Our models include:
  • Granulators that crush and reduce wire and cable into smaller, more manageable pieces before separating the metal from coatings come in a variety of models including:
  • Hydraulic and alligator shears¬†for larger jobs, like auto disassembling, in order to transport uniform pieces easily
  • Electric motor recycling machines that are strong enough to easily split any cast iron or aluminum automotive protective housing and transformer blocks to expose the valuable recyclable copper within

Solid Equipment Company also offers a variety of multi-material and scrap balers, car balers and flatteners, roll splitters, and briquette formers that can quickly turn your pile of waste materials into easily transportable, ready-to-go, recyclable formats.

Industrial Recycling Equipment for Sale in Chicago

Solid Equipment Company has been dedicated to providing unmatched service and personal attention to each and every customer. Our processing equipment specialists can offer their expertise and experience to help you choose the right machine for your unique, individual needs. Call 866-511-7720 to contact us today and discover the difference Solid Equipment Company can make for your Chicago operation!