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CW 809A+ Compressor Motor Cutting Machine

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The CW 809A+compressor motor cutting machine is ideal for processing and recycling electric cables, motors, compressors, radiators, catalytic converters, metals, and plastic. View the video below for a demonstration of the CW 809A+ in action.

How Does the CW 809A+ Work?

The CW 809A+ compressor motor cutting series is engineered to wreck freezer compressors of various shapes quickly, efficiently, and with little mess. It cuts the sealed unit of a compressor both vertically and horizontally until the compressor can be appropriately dismantled. These horizontal and vertical case cutting techniques are just one aspect of why the CW 809A+ is a hyper-effective motor recycling machine.

The CW 809A+ compressor motor cutting machine is equipped with a rotation speed of 0-35 RPM and a maximum compressor size of up to 200mm. Get in touch with our team at Solid Equipment Company for more information today.

What Is Inside of Compressors & Sealed Units?

Inside a compressor, you can find valuable steel and other metal components that make up the internal electric motor. In order to access these materials, you need a power-packed machine that is sharp and durable. The CW 809A+ is highly recommended.

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