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Buffalo Turbine Dust Suppression Equipment

Dust & Order Control Misting System

Solid Equipment Company offers Buffalo Turbine’s quality line of dust suppression equipment to customers nationwide. Our partnership with Buffalo Turbine has allowed to bring you top-class products to meet your dust suppression needs.

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Dust Suppression Equipment

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New & Used Dust Suppression Equipment

Buffalo Turbine Monsoon

This dust suppression equipment is available in both gasoline and diesel models for your convenience and preference. This model features the industry’s first turbine that is driven by the Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle, which is a cost-effective and powerful misting system. The misting system immediately suppresses and controls the following elements in industrial or commercial settings:

  • Dust
  • Odor
  • Smoke

When you utilize the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon, you get the benefit of improving your air quality, lowering your health risks, and helping to maintain environmental compliance standards.

buffalo turbine's monsoon air mister

Features of the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Dust Suppression System

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Available in electric, gas, PTO, and hydraulic models
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle effectively mists water volumes from less than 1 gallon every minute, up to 25 gallons per minute!
  • It utilizes the industry’s first turbine-style blower misting system for dust, odor, and smoke
  • It includes a mist sprayer system that is cost-effective and that controls and suppresses dust for a better price than most other models on the market
  • Gas, diesel, PTO, and hydraulic models can easily be used as debris blowers for job site cleanup

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Buffalo Air Mister

This model is your best solution for on-demand dust and odor control inside of:

  • Recycling facilities
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Wood recycling
  • Composting
  • And other similar applications where dust and odor are present!

The Monsoon Air Mister offers relief to employees, customers, and athletes by functioning as an evaporative cooler. It also lowers the canopy temperature of sensitive turf areas and landscaping at golf courses, stadiums, public parks, and outdoor banquet facilities where heat stress is often high.

Utilizing a proprietary high speed rotary disc atomizer, the Monsoon Air Mister monsoon air mistercan distribute a fine mist of water to 50 feet. This revolutionary design only requires a standard 100-volt power source and a standard one-half hose bard fitting and is portable, lightweight, and has 180-degree oscillation capabilities.

You can choose to add a 16-gallon tank. No small nozzle tips are present to unclog or replace, making this model easy and economical to maintain.

Features of the Monsoon Air Mister

  • Convenient 100-volt power source and standard one-half hose barb fitting
  • Portable 16-gallon tank option
  • Casts vapor mist up to 40 feet by utilizing a proprietary high-speed rotary disc atomizer
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Portable indoor dust suppression, odor control, and evaporative cooling
  • Only weights 73 pounds

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