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New & Used Buffalo Air Misters

In enclosed spaces, such as recycling facilities, waste processors, saw mills, and manufacturing facilities, dust and odors can affect the health and comfort of workers and airborne particles can contaminate equipment and products. With a dust suppression system like the Buffalo Air Mister, you can help to control dust, odors, and smoke at your facility, protecting your employees and helping you to comply with OHSA and EPA dust control standards.

At Solid Equipment company, we offer both new and used Buffalo Air Misters to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Our company is a leading provider of equipment to the industrial recycling industry, including products such as dust suppression systems, scrap metal balers, scrap handling magnets, wire granulators, industrial wire strippers, and more. We work with a variety of industrial partners to provide the equipment you need for your business, including Buffalo Turbine, GRYB, Holmatro, and more.

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How a Buffalo Air Mister Can Help Your Operation

The Buffalo Air Mister combines a powerful electric fan with a rotary-disc atomizer to provide a constant mist of water that is extremely effective at controlling dust, odors, and smoke in enclosed spaces. It is easy to install and use, can can help your business to:

  • Minimize the spread of dust, odors, smoke, and other particles
  • Protect employees from airborne particles that could harm their health
  • Improve indoor air quality at your facility
  • Minimize equipment and product damage from dust and other particles
  • Comply with OSHA and EPA dust suppression standards

At Solid Equipment Company, we work directly with Buffalo Turbine to provide quality dust suppression systems, including the Buffalo Air Mister and the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon system.

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Features of the Buffalo Air Mister

The Buffalo Air Mister is a powerful and effective dust suppression system in a compact package that is easy to move throughout your facility as needed. It features:

  • A standard 110 volt electric motor for use nearly anywhere
  • An integrated stand with casters to make relocation simple
  • A rotary-disc atomizer that is clog-resistant
  • Drip-free operation that reclaims unused water
  • Can distribute mist up to 50 feet away
  • Integrated 16-gallon tank for portable use
  • Standard ¾-inch hose fitting for connection to a permanent water supply
  • Oscillating, adjustable-height stand

In addition to dust and odor control, the Buffalo Air Mister can also provide evaporative cooling indoors for employees, or it can be used outdoors for cooling workers at outdoor facilities, cooling athletes at sporting events, and cooling landscaping and turf at facilitates like golf courses, stadiums, or parks.

At Solid Equipment Company we provide both new and used Buffalo Air Misters, and we can help you find the best dust suppression system for your needs.

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For convenient, simple dust control in interior spaces, the Buffalo Air Mister is a great choice for many businesses. At Solid Equipment Company, we work directly with Buffalo Turbine to provide the Buffalo Air Mister and other innovative products. In addition to the recycling industry, we serve many other businesses, including scrapyards, automobile recyclers, construction companies, demolition companies, manufacturing facilities, and more.

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