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Buffalo Turbine Monsoon for Sale

monsoon dust supressorIn many industries, controlling dust and odors is critical to protecting the health of employees, safeguarding the environment, and preventing the spread particulates to neighboring properties. From scrapyards and recycling facilities, to waste processors and demolition contractors, the used materials and debris that these businesses handle can generate odors and particles of dust, fiberglass, metals, chemicals, and other potentially-harmful materials that must be carefully managed.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the full line of industrial recycling solutions including dust suppression systems, which offer powerful and effective control of dust and odors using an innovative water atomizing system combined with a turbine-based blower. We offer both new and used Buffalo Turbine Monsoon systems, and we serve industrial recycling facilities, scrap yards, waste processors, and other businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

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Benefits of Using a Monsoon Turbine Monsoon

The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon dust and odor control system is available in models powered by gasoline engines, diesel engines, electric motors, PTO systems, and hydraulic systems, allowing them to be used in a variety of locations and situations. They are powerful, reliable and easy to use, and they can help your business to:

  • Control the spread of odors, dust, and smoke
  • Protect the health of employees and visitors
  • Minimize exposure to harmful materials
  • Protect the environment
  • Comply with EPA and OSHA standards for dust suppression

At Solid Equipment Company, we can help you find the best dust control solution for your business and your available budget.

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Features of the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon

The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon combines a powerful turbine blower with a reliable and efficient Gyrator Atomizing Nozzle to provide a contact mist of water that effectively controls dust, odors, and smoke. Each model features:

  • A non-clogging, low-maintenance water atomizing nozzle
  • Adjustable water flow from 0 to 25 gallons per minute
  • Up to a 125-foot horizontal spray distance
  • Up to a 50-foot vertical spay distance
  • Standard ¾-inch garden hose connection to municipal water supply
  • Wireless remote control of spray direction for all models, except the electric version
  • Wireless throttle controls for diesel and gas models
  • Available hydraulic models for skid steers and other equipment with auxiliary hydraulics
  • Available oscillation mounts for up to 270 degrees of rotation
  • Three-wheel trailer included for gasoline, diesel, and electric models
  • Trailer-mounted models can be used as blowers for cleaning job sites

With exceptional versatility and plenty of power, the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon is an excellent dust suppression system for any outdoor site. At Solid Equipment Company, we feature both used and new models, and we work directly with Buffalo Turbine to ensure your business receives the products and support that you require.

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Request a Quote for a Buffalo Turbine Monsoon System

Whether you are demolishing a building, sorting metal scrap, or settling the dust at a construction site, the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon can be a great choice for your operation. At Solid Equipment Company, we offer Buffalo Turbine dust suppression solutions, as well as a wide range of other equipment for recycling facilities and other businesses, including scrap metal balers, scrap handling magnets, briquetting presses, industrial wire strippers, and more.

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