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Scrap Grapples

Do you have a high volume of scrap that needs processing? Grapples may be your perfect solution, as they can help you with scrap handling and bulk material handling, as well as sorting.

Gusella-Bakker SCE ScrapKing

The Gusella-Bakker SCE ScrapKing grapple has eliminated the necessity of a central column! Its base is now built entirely using high tensile steel, allowing for minimum amount of welding, making the structure far more rigid than other grapples. There is room in the center of the base to accommodate the hydraulic components and parts of the innovative GRI rotator, so the equipment requires far less height than other grapples on the market today.

If you’re in the market for a sturdy, adaptable grapple, the SCE Orange Peel grapple is for you!

Gusella-Bakker GRABIT

The Gusella-Bakker GRABIT is an attachment  for forklifts and lift trucks that are suitable for small orange peel grabs and clamshell buckets. Safety pins lock the GRABIT to the forklift, and you can add an optional solenoid valve 24 Volt to have an extra oil channel. You should choose this option when you have an attached hydraulic rotator and when the forklift is fitted with only one oil channel at double the effect.


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