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Industrial Recycling Equipment in Los Angeles

Southern California Recycling Equipment Supplier

Solid Equipment Company is a leading supplier of the world’s most advanced industrial metal recycling equipment available throughout the United States and Canada. Solid Equipment Company works with the most innovative companies in the world to provide state-of-the-art recovery and recycling equipment. We represent world-class expertise for salvaging the most value from an entire range of metal waste.

Solid Equipment Company offers profitable metal recycling solutions for Los Angeles and Southern California recyclers. With the right equipment, companies can reclaim valuable metals like:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze

These non-ferrous metals retain their useful characteristics when recycled into new products.

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Sources of Recyclable Metals

Scrap materials are everywhere in Southern California. Building demolitions, manufacturing or construction discard, or junked automobiles and trucks all yield value and profit for any company anyone with the right equipment and expertise to extract those valuable metals.

The three keys to success in recycling metals are:

  • Expertise
  • Consistent supply
  • Right equipment

Solid Equipment Company provides new or used equipment for virtually any recyclable material. Efficiently separating valuable metal components from discarded wire and cable, electric motors, junked autos, and other sources can be performed efficiently with the right equipment.

New and Used Industrial Processing Equipment for Sale

Wire Strippers, Granulators & Cable Recycling

If your Los Angeles area recycling business is growing, enhance your efficiency and capacity with more robust equipment and accessories. Solid Equipment’s experts will offer practical solutions for new or used equipment.

Used cable and wire, provide a treasure trove of valuable copper and aluminum. Solid Equipment offers compact equipment that is safe and fast. Every machine comes with differing levels of capacity and diameter. Their range includes:

Wire strippers available in a variety of sizes and configurations, types, and diameter capability. Available models are:

Wire granulators pulverize and reduce wiring into small pieces before separating the metal from their coatings and housings. Solid Equipment Company offers:

For an estimate on wire strippers and granulators for cable recycling in the Los Angeles, give Solid Equipment Company a call at 888-813-9225!

Hydraulic & Alligator Shears

For larger jobs, like disassembling large steel and other metal sheets, hydraulic and alligator shears safely cut the units into uniform easy-to-transport segments.

Electric Motor Recycling Machines in Los Angeles

Electric motors are often encased in hardened cast iron or aluminum housings. Solid Equipment Company sells Bronneberg Electric Motor Recyclers that are strong enough to split any sturdy housing. The equipment breaks the stator or transformer to reveal the valuable recyclable copper within. Unwind and recycle for value.

Interested in investing in an electric motor recycling machine? Give us a call today at 888-813-9225 for an estimate in Los Angeles!

Other Industrial Recycling Equipment

Solid Equipment Company also sells and supports scrap balers, car balers and flatteners, roll splitters, and briquette formers that quickly convert a pile of waste material into valuable, transportable, and ready-to-recycle material.

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If you are located in the Los Angeles area, contact Solid Equipment Company for more information. Our experts will help to evaluate your volume and space restrictions to determine the optimal new and used equipment to make your recycling effort profitable.

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