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12/24V Magnet for Sale

Scrap-handling magnets make the job of moving steel components or sorting scrap metals simple and convenient. By applying electricity, materials that contain iron are attracted to the electromagnetic coil, allowing them to be easily moved, then dropped when the power is shut off. One of the most cost-effective ways to add a scrap-handling magnet to an excavator is by choosing a model that operates off the 12 or 24-volt power system that is already present in the machine. This eliminates the need to add a separate high-voltage generator, or to choose a magnet that includes its own hydraulically-powered generator.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a full range of 12 and 24-volt scrap-handling magnets from GRBY, in a variety of sizes and lifting capacities. Our company specializes in equipment for the industrial recycling industry, offering a wide range of products that includes scrap metal balers, hydraulic shears, wire strippers, wire granulators, briquetting presses, and much more. We serve businesses throughout the United States and North America.

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Features of Our 12/24V Magnet Systems

Each model in our 12/24V magnet series from GRBY is easy to install and use, and they are compatible with nearly every excavator on the market, including those from top manufacturers like Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Kubota and more. Our 12/24V magnets feature:

  • Diameters from 6 to 40 inches
  • Lifting capacities of up to 1000 pounds
  • Maximum current of 80 amps for compatibility with most alternators or generators
  • 12 or 24 volt versions available for broad compatibility
  • 75 percent duty cycle with aluminum coil or 85 percent with copper coil
  • 20 feet of control and battery cable included, and 60 feet of driver cable
  • Fused driver cable with AWG 4 wire for safety
  • Three chain cleats for stability, with alternative mounts available
  • Convenient operator control with foot pedal

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the 12/24V magnet series in a wide variety of configurations and lifting capacities, with both new and used models available.

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Advantages of the 12/24V Magnet Series

The 12/24V magnet series from GRYB offers reliable performance for a price that is cost-effective for many businesses. The advantages of choosing a 12/24V magnet from our team at Solid Equipment Company include:

  • Both used and new models available
  • A variety of configurations to meet your specific needs
  • Great service and support
  • Broad compatibility and reliable performance
  • Easy installation

The 12/24V magnet series is great for industries such as industrial recycling, demolition, automotive salvage, scrap metal processing, foundries, and more.

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Call Today for a Quote on a 12/24V Magnet

At Solid Equipment Company, we can work with your business to find the best 12/24V magnet solution for your needs and your budget. We also offer a variety of other scrap-handling magnets, and we help you determine which type would be the most appropriate for your desired uses and the equipment you have available.

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