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GRYB HYDMAG Scrap-Handling Magnet

For any job that requires separating ferrous metals from other materials, such as sorting scrap, recycling, and demolition, excavator-mounted scrap-handling magnets make the job faster and easier. Many scrap-handling magnets require an on-board electric power source to energize the magnetic coil, either from the excavator’s 12 or 24-volt alternator, or from a independent generator operating at 110 or 230 volts. This makes it necessary to install supply cables for the magnet, as well as control equipment, and makes it difficult to use the magnet on multiple machines.

At Solid Equipment Company, we can solve both problems with our HYDMAG from GRYB. Featuring a built-in generator to power the electromagnet, the HYDMAG requires only a hydraulic connection to the excavator, allowing it to be installed quickly, and moved from machine to machine easily. As a leading supplier for the industrial recycling industry, we serve businesses throughout North America, providing equipment such as scrap metal balers, roll splitters, and more.

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Features of the HYDMAG Scrap-Handling Magnet

The HYDMAG features a hydraulically-operated generator located directly above the magnet, in its own high-strength protective housing. With its integrated hydraulic fittings, the generator draws directly from the excavator’s hydraulic system to produce the required electricity for the electromagnet. A wireless controller allows the operator to energize or energize the coil remotely. The HYMAG can magnetize and demagnetize quickly, and it can handle a variety of loads, depending on configuration. Its features include:

  • Compatible with fixed coupler, quick coupler, or chain attachments
  • Available in diameters from 36 inches to 66 inches
  • Optional claw attachments to assist in material handling
  • Can easily be moved from machine to machine
  • Requires only hydraulic connections to the excavator
  • Compatible with all excavators from the top manufacturers

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer both new and used HYDMAG systems, in several configurations.

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Benefits of the HYDMAG System

The HYDMAG is a completely independent system, which makes it easy to install on your current excavator. Its benefits include:

  • Quick releasing magnet with a high load capacity
  • Easy, fast connection to nearly any excavator
  • Convenient wireless control system
  • No electric or control cables to install

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Whether you are sorting scrap in an automotive salvage yard, or you are tearing down a commercial building, the HYDMAG from Solid Equipment Company can make the process easier, and it is simple to install on your existing excavation equipment. Talk to our team at Solid Equipment Company today to discuss your material handling requirements, and we will help you find the best scrap-handling magnet for your needs and your budget.

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