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Magnetic Separators

One of the fist steps in sorting mixed materials, from used soil, to mined ores or scrap metal, is often removing any ferrous materials. Magnetic separators make this process simple and convenient, by using powerful magnets to attract iron-containing metals and pull them from the material stream.

At Solid Equipment Company, our magnetic separators from GRYB are powerful and reliable, making the job of separating out magnetic materials easy and cost-effective. Our company supplies a variety of equipment for the industrial recycling industry including, scrap metal balers, briquetting presses, scrap-handling magnets, wire strippers, hydraulic shears, and more. We serve businesses throughout the United States and North America.

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About the GRYB Magnetic Separator

The GRYB magnetic separator contains a pair of rollers and a conveyor belt, with magnets positioned on the underside, covered by the belt. It is suspended over a separate conveyor containing the materials to be sorted. As the materials pass under the magnetic separator, any ferrous materials are attracted to the magnets of the separator and stick to its belt. The belt moves the ferrous materials away from the sorting stream, and the ferrous materials are dropped into a separate container as they travel away from the magnets.

The GRYB magnetic separator is useful for many operations, including:

  • Pits
  • Aggregates
  • Stone crushing
  • Wood mills
  • Sorting centers
  • Recycling centers
  • Steel shredders
  • Salvage operations
  • Foundries
  • Soil processing
  • And more!

The magnetic separator can quickly remove materials like ferrous ores, metal fasteners, and metal scraps from a variety of source materials, leaving the remaining material free of ferrous metals for further processing, and allowing the steel and iron to be recycled. At Solid Equipment Company, we offer both new and used magnetic separators, and we can help you find the right model for your needs.

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Benefits of the GRYB Magnetic Separator

Whether you are removing screws, nails, and staples from used top soil or sorting scrap metals, the GRYB magnetic separator can to the job effectively and efficiently. Its benefits include:

  • Quality components made in Canada
  • Powerful motor and durable conveyor belt
  • Reinforced wear plate on the impact surface
  • Strong magnets for reliable performance
  • Reinforced mounting points for chain suspension
  • Safe design and operation

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At Solid Equipment Company, we can help you determine if the GRYB magnetic separator is the right product for your needs and your budget. We offer both used and new products from GRYB, as well as a variety of other equipment for industrial recycling, salvage yards, demolition companies, and more.

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