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Industrial Recycling Equipment in Pittsburgh

Solid Equipment Company is a North American supplier of the world’s most advanced industrial metal recycling equipment. Solid Equipment Company partners with the most innovative metal recycling manufacturers in the world to provide state-of-the-art valuable metal recovery equipment. We successfully blend world-class equipment offerings with our advanced knowledge for salvaging maximum value from an entire range of metal waste.

Solid Equipment Company offers effective metal recycling solutions for Pittsburgh and the Great Lakes Region recyclers. Reclaiming valuable metals like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze from readily available supplies of waste material requires efficient, highly durable equipment.These metals retain all of their conductive, industrial, and non-ferrous characteristics even when recycled into new products.

Sources of Recyclable Metals

Scrap materials can are available in many areas near Pittsburgh. Building demolition sites, manufacturing or construction locations, or junkyards all produce material that still has value for companies with the right equipment and expertise to extract those valuable metals.

The three keys to successfully recycling valuable metals are:

  • Expertise
  • Consistent supply
  • Right equipment

Solid Equipment Company offers new or used equipment for almost any type of metal waste. Extracting metal components from discarded wiring, electrical appliances, motors, cars, and other sources can be handled efficiently with the right equipment.

New & Used Recycling Machines

If your Pittsburgh area recycling business requires improved efficiency or volume capacity to be more profitable, the Solid Equipment Company experts offer practical and economical answers for new or used equipment.

Wire & Cable

Cable and wire contain valuable copper and aluminum. The key to recovery is to separate pure material efficiently from their protective surroundings. Solid Equipment Company offers compact, safe, and fast equipment to manage the separation. Machines comes in varying levels of capacity.


Available models include:


These machines pulverize and reduce wiring before separating the metal from their coatings. We offer the following models:

Hydraulic & Alligator Shears

For larger metal challenges, hydraulic and alligator shears cut large units into uniform, easy-to-transport segments.

Electric Motor Recycling Machines

Electric motors are usually encased in tough cast iron or aluminum housings. Solid Equipment Company offers electric motor recycling machines from Bronneberg that can split any metal protective housing. The recycler splits the internal mechanisms  to reveal the valuable recyclable copper within that is ready to recycle for value.

Additional Equipment

Solid Equipment Company sells and supports equipment to convert to almost any format such  machines as scrap balers, car balers and flatteners, roll splitters, and briquette formers quickly turn piles of metal waste into valuable, transportable, and ready-to-sell material.

Contact Solid Equipment Company for Industrial Processing Equipment in Pittsburgh

Never ask “Where can I find industrial recycling machines near me?” again! If you are located in the Pittsburgh area, contact Solid Equipment Company for new and used equipment. Our experts will help to evaluate your volume and space restrictions to determine the best solutions to make recycling profitable. Call us now at 866-911-7720!