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SCE Grapples for Sale

Small Forklift Grapples & Scrap Grapples

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Forklift grapples and attachments supplied by Solid Equipment Company provide a safe and efficient means of completing heavier material handling tasks. Options from leading manufacturer Gusella-Bakker can be easily fitted to gasoline-powered, diesel, or electric lift trucks to create an efficient transportation and handling solution of recycled materials.

You may elect to use a small forklift grapple for lifting, sorting, or transporting the following materials:

  • High volumes of scrap
  • Sorting projects
  • Bulk materials handling
  • And more

If you’re a commercial contractor or material handling company, the forklift grapple attachments provided by Solid Equipment Co. can help you complete projects swiftly, safely, and efficiently.

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Small Forklift Grapple Attachments

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Lift truck grapple attachments are designed for simplicity of use and for durability. These attachments are suitable for handling low to moderate amounts of materials handling when orange peel grapples or crab shell buckets are needed. They can also be used in tighter, indoor areas where larger commercial equipment cannot maneuver.

The Gusella-Bakker small forklift grapple is a highly adaptable and efficient tool for moderate scale sorting and materials handling.

Whether you need a small grapple, large grapple, or something in between, Solid Equipment Company has you covered. We offer a wide variety of scrap grapples for your convenience.

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Why Choose Solid Equipment Company for Forklift Grapples?

As a leading provider of industrial recycling equipment and commercial-grade tools, Solid Equipment Company is dedicated to ensuring your company has access to superior, dependable products. We take the time to fully assess the needs of your business or planned project in order to offer ideal solutions for each application, ensuring you have the professional guidance needed to make the right call. Our team is dedicated to helping your business to improve profitability, safety, and project efficiency.

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Solid Equipment Company offers superior industrial recycling equipment to clients throughout the United States and Canada, so no matter where your facility, company, or project is based, you can look to our team for forklift grapples and other industrial solutions.

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