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MG 220T-XL Wire Granulator

Cable Granulators From Solid Equipment Company

The MG 220 copper wire granulator is an industrial recycling machine capable of processing 1,100 to 1,300 lbs of scrap every hour. If you’re looking to recover copper from just about any wiring component, the MG 220 is up for the challenge.

About the MG 220T-XL Cable Granulator

Wire Granulator MG-220

The MG 220T-XL from Solid Equipment Company is a medium-volume recovery system used to separate valuable aluminum, copper, and other useful metal components from:

  • Discarded cables
  • Automotive harnesses
  • Electrical wiring
  • And more!

Recovery of scrap metal components for recycled use is not only profitable, but you can feel good knowing the process also reduces the volume of materials in landfills, improving the environment.

As a strategic partner for Solid Equipment Company, MG Recycling is a global leader in manufacturing equipment for recycling materials for reuse.

Recover Valuable Scrap Metal

The granulation process involves just a few stages, and the MG 220T-XL is easy to operate. The MG 220T-XL is equipped with the new GR 400 granulating system that yields higher production capability with a longer life and less maintenance, and accepts a wide variety of wiring and cable. Once loaded, the machine granulates using a patented process and separates the valuable aluminum or copper granules from the plastic or other harness materials with continual air flow. Air is used to separate the materials by weight, so the valuable metal is channeled away from the other materials. At the end you will have two bins of granules, one with the heavy granules and the other filled with 99.9% copper. This is usually the finer hair wire.

The MG 220T-XL is also equipped with a self-cleaning setting to reduce the amount of maintenance following each use and to extract dust from the system. One of the major assets to our equipment is the dust separation technology. If dust is left in the machine it can create unwanted heat. If enough heat is left inside the machine it can cause the plastic to melt and have a negative effect on the separation results.

Selecting the Right Cable Granulator for Your Needs

The MG 220T-XL is capable of granulating and separating up to 1100 lbs. per hour of discarded materials.

It is important to select the right equipment for your specific purposes. Each model—from the Monster EVO to the MG Matrix Series 2000—has a different production capability and even some slightly different functions. Purchasing equipment with a throughput capacity that is too large may compromise profitability if your raw material supplies are limited. Conversely, if you try to put too much material through a smaller granulator, you can overwork your machine and require additional maintenance.


A Turbo unit may be included in your MG 220T-XL order. This accessory allows for the separation of finer, capillary-sized wires. If your scrap cable or wire material is distinctly diverse in type of density, we recommend purchasing a Tritronic 800 Series Pre-Shredder. This equipment, matched with the appropriate conveyor, can increase production significantly. This lessens the burden on your granulator, reducing the maintenance required.


MG 220T-XL

  • Capacity: 880-1,100 lbs. per hour
  • Dimensions: 139” x 55” x 124”
  • Weight:  7,055 lbs.
  • Motor: 40HP, 50HP, or 60HP

Tritronic Pre-Shredder

  • Dimensions: 98”x59”x102”
  • Motor: 40HP, 50HP, or 60HP

Loading Belt with Magnetic Roll Pulley

  • Motor: 0.5 HP

Call Solid Equipment Company to Determine if the MG 220T-XL Is Right for You

To determine if the MG 220T-XL is the right recycling machine for your business, a Solid Equipment Company expert will help you to evaluate your needs, including:

  • Types of raw material
  • Plant space
  • Labor

If you choose the buy the MG 220T-XL, a Solid Equipment Company specialist will ensure your installation and training are accomplished properly to achieve a long and profitable machine life. Contact us now!