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ACSR Chopping Line

The CP-926AW is engineered to shred ACSR cables in fine size at high speed and is made of a full set with ACSR shredder, conveyor, and magnet system.

The blades are made of special steel with the highest quality and right heat-treatment to guarantee longer life and clear-cutting of aluminum cables.

Product Dimensions & Specifications:

ACSR Chopping Line

Dimension (inches): 47.25 (L) x 35.43 (D) x 49.21 (H)

Weight: 4188.78 lbs

Motor: 30hp – 2.2kw ÷ 2hp – 1.5kw

Max. Diameter: 3.94 inches

Capacity: 331 – 441 lbs/hr


Dimension (inches): 236.22 (L) x 23.62 (D) x 78.74 (H)

Weight: 1234.59 lbs

Motor: 2hp – 1.5kw


Dimension (inches): 49.21 (L) x 19.69 (D) x 15.75 (H / Ex. Motor Height)

Weight: 1234.59 lbs

Motor: 0.5hp / 1500-1600 gauss


Dimension (inches): 47.25 (L) x 256 (D) x 78.75 (H)

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