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Matrix Series

matrix proccessing machineThe MG Matrix 2000 granulator is an adaptable, in-line cable and wire granulation system designed to separate aluminum, copper, and other metals from mixed loads of discarded:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Cable
  • Radiators
  • Green boards
  • Other formats

The compact system employs innovative technology to separate the metal components from the insulation. The system yields 99.9% pure recovery of the valuable metals in a form that can be easily recycled and reused and is more valuable than raw, unprocessed insulated wire.

Capable of processing up to 4,400 lbs. of material per hour, the Matrix series can be designed to handle specific volumes of input which can be arranged to fit within just about any space, limited or not. Its adaptable features allow for efficient production as raw material input varies occasionally and can be improved and expanded as the flow of material expands.

How the Matrix 2000 Granulator Works

Its accessory, the Tritronic Pre-Shredder, breaks down the raw material to a more homogenous consistency for easier processing before granulation takes place.

When the pre-shredded material is loaded into the granulator, its patented Zig Zag Turbo will separate the coarse and rigid granules from the ultra-thin wiring. The turbo then further separates the hair wire copper from the insulation and balls the material to make the copper denser. The product is then directed to the air flow system to channel the metal particles from the insulation. On the separation board, air can be adjusted to separate the granules from the insulation by weight and channel separate materials to individual bins.


To better manage raw material that is highly diverse in consistency and thickness, we recommend utilizing the Tritronic Pre-Shredder before pulverizing process. The capacity of this equipment should match the maximum input of the in-line MG granulator. This equipment reduces variable material to allow for more consistent separation and granulation.

How to Select the Right Granulator

Solid Equipment Company specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the granulator and accessories that will fit your individual requirements. The factors you should consider include the availability of raw material and your available space for processing. With the Matrix Series 2000, you have the notable advantage that it may be tailored to specific volumes and conditions.

Selecting the right machine to match your projected raw material is the most critical consideration for profitability. Through consultation with Solid Equipment Company specialists, you can evaluate all options and make a great decision. Keep in mind that profitability can be severely limited if your equipment’s capacity does not match the available volume of raw material.

Another advantage of selecting the Matrix 2000 granulator is the flexibility to adapt the line for increasing volumes. Specific pieces can be inserted into the line to easily increase the machine’s capacity.

Custom Options for the Matrix Series 2000

The MG Matrix system is designed for all volumes of cable and wire granulation. This “assembly line” processing system is capable of a handling all volumes efficiently. Raw material is loaded into the Tritronic Pre-Shredder and then conveyed to the appropriate MG granulator for processing. Clean, granulated aluminum or copper emerges from the end of the processing line.

Let a Solid Equipment Company team member answer your questions and help to personalize your new processing system that will be both adaptable and profitable.

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