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MG 380 VZT

Without the right equipment to separate aluminum or copper parts from cables, electrical wires, electronic board, and other formats, these valuable metals are likely to end up in the landfill forever. Components from junked automobiles and trucks, demolished buildings, discarded electric motors, and many other materials that contain significant amounts of these reusable metals have been recovered because an economical and efficient separation process has been developed with the invention and perfection of wire granulators.

Solid Equipment Company specializes in industrial recycling systems. To address this covery and recycling challenge, we have found the best solutions for recovery of valuable metals.  We offer a full line of equipment designed to shred, granulate, and separate these components from any size wiring and cable.

What Does the MG 380 VZT Do?

Capable of processing 1,500 to 2,650 lbs. of discarded wire and cable every hour, the MG 380 VZT is an innovative system that efficiently separates copper components from a variety of material with an amazing 99.9% accuracy. Since the recovered material has a higher value per unit than unrefined copper, recycling and recovery has great potential to be a profitable endeavor.

Recycling Machines from MG Recycling

To solve the problem of recovering these valuable components from a wide variety of cable, discarded wire, and other media, Solid Equipment Company has partnered with MG Recycling—a global leader in efficient recycling equipment.

Solid Equipment Company will provide in-depth training in the maintenance and operation of the MG 380 VZT during the installation of your machine.

How Does the MG 380 VZT Granulator Work?

The Turbo Zig Zag system separates even the finest copper wiring from thicker rigid cables. The MG 380 VZT then granulates the discarded cable and wire into granular particles. During the final stage of the process, the granules go through an airflow system that separates them by weight. The copper granules are routed to separated bins as a 99.9% pure product that is ready for reuse. The entire process is relatively quiet since parts of the MG 380 VZT have been soundproofed. The MG 380 VZT utilizes a self-cleaning function to reduce maintenance time and eliminate resulting industrial dust.


To achieve uniformity and facilitate the separation of extremely variable wire and cable materials, we recommend purchasing a Tritronic 800 Series Pre-Shredder to break down the raw material to a more manageable consistency before granulation begins. A loading belt with a magnetic roll pulley should also be incorporated to move the material smoothly to the granulation step.


MG 380 VZT

  • Capacity: 1,500-2,650 input every hour
  • Dimensions: 161”x159”x151”
  • Weight: 10,600 lbs.
  • Motor: 125 HP

Tritronic 800 Series Pre-Shredder

  • Dimensions: 98”x59”x102”
  • Weight: 7,825 lbs.
  • Motor: 40HP, 50HP, or 60HP

Choose the Right Equipment to Be Profitable

Solid Equipment Company offers a comprehensive line of MG granulators for every level of volume. Choosing the right equipment for the volume of raw discarded material that can be sourced is a key component of your choice of machine. Solid Equipment Company specialists will assist with the analysis required to select the right equipment for your individual circumstance. Too much capacity can reduce your profitability and target return on investment. A system that is too small for your available raw material can result in extra maintenance, over-working, and limited potential income.

Whenever the available raw material supplies exceed your existing granulator capability, a Solid Equipment Company expert can advise options for trade-in or adding additional equipment. Call now!