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MG Recycling VZT Granulators

Copper’s durability and superior conductivity has made it the metal of choice for many throughout history. It is a very effective element for electrical components, and there is a constant supply of discarded cable and electrical wiring from:

  • Equipment upgrades
  • Building demolitions
  • Junked vehicles
  • Electric motors
  • And many other sources!

Because copper is a valuable commodity, recycling is a profitable endeavor when electrical equipment is processed with a wire granulator.

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MG VZT Granulators

Recovering reusable metals with an economical and efficient separation process requires the use of top-notch recycling equipment. At Solid Equipment Company, we trust MG Recycling to provide an admirable selection of such machines, and we have chosen them as a strategic partner to bring you the best wire granulators available today.

We offer the following MG VZT wire granulators nationwide:

MG 220 VZT

The MG 220 VZT can handle a relatively high volume of scrap, and it efficiently recovers copper from just about any electrical wiring components you might want, including cables, wires, and scraps of different weights. Through a patented pulverizing system, the MG 220 VZT wire granulator will process 1,100-1,300 lbs. of waste material per hour. The system is able to recognize and separate thin wire from coarse or rigid material and direct these to their appropriate sections of the system for additional processing.

MG 380 VZT

The MG 380 VZT wire granulator processes between 1,765 to 2,650 lbs. of material per hour. After pulverizing, the MG 380 VZT will sort material of varying weights through an air flow separation process. The equipment is designed for full recovery of aluminum and copper materials from even the thinnest materials. Utilizing a Tritonic Pre-Shredder, the MG 380 VZT adjusts to the thickness of the material before moving it along to the granulator and separator to achieve a high level of efficiency. Like other MG granulators, this model comes with a self-operated dust removal function for easy maintenance.

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Our recycling machine experts can help you choose the exact system that you will need for the volume of material that you intend to process. Depending on your logistic requirements, we can ensure that the MG VZT copper granulator you select coordinates well with your other recycling activities.

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