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Bronneberg Kab-W Wire Stripping Equipment

Learn More About the Kab-W Wire Stripper

If you are looking to strip heavy PVC, armored cable, and grease wire, the Bronneberg Kab-W wire stripper is likely the best tool for the job. This heavy-duty cable stripper strips the following types and elements of wires:

  • Stainless jackets
  • Steel mesh armored cable
  • Steel tape armored cable
  • Cables with lead insulators
  • Thick nylon ridged cables (high voltage cables)

Due to the positioning of the deep hardened gripping wheels it is possible to easily clean the machine.

In a single pass, the Kab-W will cut through metal, PVC, and other rugged insulators to expose the valuable copper or aluminum metals within. Recovering these metals from discarded cables has become a simple-to-use and profitable process with the Bronneberg Kab-W.

The Kab-W makes short work of the heaviest cables and wires, splitting material up to 7” in diameter. It is capable of fracturing PVC and the heaviest armored material. This industrial recycling equipment is ideal for stripping wire and cable of varying configurations and coating materials. Contact Solid Equipment Company if you would like to learn more about this impressive machine or make a purchase!

What Is the Kab-W Capable of Accomplishing?

The Bronneberg Kab-W is capable of splitting cable housed in a variety of materials with diameters ranging from 1.2“ to 7″ including stainless steel jackets. Heavy-duty cables are usually clad in the toughest coatings that were intended to withstand these elements for decades:

  • Underground soil
  • Water
  • Extremely variable weather conditions
  • Cable on ships

These cables had been developed for multiple purposes, though many are being replaced by more efficient, light-weight and high-tech materials and methods. While no longer of use, some discarded cable can be recovered to yield the valuable aluminum, copper, and other valuable recyclable materials.

Cables for these purposes may be steel wire or steel tape-armored, PVC-channeled, lead jacketed or insulated, or coated with durable, thick nylon-ridged materials.

How the Kab-W Works

The Kab-W is capable of splitting up to 32 feet of material per minute. Prior to processing, the raw cable may be pre-cut into manageable sections before feeding into the Kab-W.  The operator should measure the raw cable and make adjustments to the hydraulic positioners to ensure the cutting blade is properly set for the diameter of the cable.

The operator will pass the material into the Kab-W, then the system will convey it through the cutting process before being ejected from the other side. Here, the insulators can be easily separated from the metals. The result is clean, reusable, high-value aluminum or copper.

Is There a Demand for Copper?

Most discarded electrical equipment, cables, and wires contain recyclable copper that can yield significant value. Given the high cost of mining new copper, recovered scrap copper prices are high and rising. The key, of course, is how to recover valuable copper efficiently and profitably from all of those scrap materials. Copper pricing, as with most commodities, will likely continue to rise in coming years.

The key to recycling copper wire profitably is the equipment used to remove the copper from whichever coating or housing that has been used to insulate. With a reliable and continual supply of discarded wiring, Solid Equipment Company can provide the ideal equipment to separate the copper wire from the insulating material.

Safety and Maintenance

Considering its functionality, power, and capability, the Kab-W requires very little upkeep and space. The equipment is designed for maximum safety and can be easily maintained and cleaned. The Kab-W comes equipped with a self-cleaning feature that removes much of the residual dust and particles that result from use.


Motor: Electric 208-480, 10HP

Dimensions: 80”x55”x75”

Weight: 2,500 lbs.

Production Capacity: 32′ per minute

Cable Size: 1.2” to 7” diameter