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MG 220 VZT Wire Granulator

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MG 220Over a century ago, copper became the most effective element for electrical components, and that remains true today and for the foreseeable future. Consequently, there is a large and consistent supply of discarded cable and electrical wiring from things like:

  • Equipment upgrades
  • Building demolitions
  • Junked vehicles
  • Electric motors
  • And many other sources!

Copper is a valuable commodity because of its durability and superior conductivity, making recycling a profitable endeavor when the best processing equipment is used.

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MG 220 VZT Granulators

The MG 220 VZT is a medium size wire granulator designed to granulate, recover, and separate aluminum or copper components from a wide range of discarded electrical components including:

  • Circuit boards
  • Electric wire
  • Cable
  • Radiators
  • And other electronic equipment!

The MG 220 VZT is designed to efficiently process 1,100 to 1,300 lbs. of scrap material per hour. This machine yields 99.9% pure recovered aluminum or copper. Recycled copper in granular form has a higher value than unprocessed materials.

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Learn About Pre-Shredding, Granulation & the Separation Processes

The 220 VZT wire granulator automatically separates rigid, thicker material from smaller filament and fine wire utilizing MG’s patented Zig Zag-Turbo process. The MG 220 VZT reduces all of the material to granular form, and then separates the valuable reusable metal components from the discarded harness, coating, and insulation materials. The separation process involves and air flow system that separates materials of different specific gravities. MG 220 VZT equipment is durable, reliable, and very easy to maintain, and is surprisingly quiet with soundproofing components built into the system.

Copper Wiring Granulator Equipment Accessories

If the load of discarded wire and cable material you want to process has material that varies in format, mass, or insulation type, a Tritronic Pre-Shredder is an essential accessory to your MG VZT 220 copper granulator. This accessory facilitates the granulation process by shredding the material to a more homogeneous form for easier granulation. The pre-shredder also allows for maximum throughput.

Let Solid Equipment Company Help You Choose the Right Industrial Recycling Equipment

A Solid Equipment Company specialist can assist in selecting the exact equipment to match your projected raw material flow, available space, and any other variables that may affect your efficiency since the volume capacities of each granulator vary. Having a machine with too much capacity will result in reduced efficiency and a slower return on your investment, while having too little capacity can result in machine overload, additional maintenance expenses, and eventually an accumulating pile of discarded electrical components.

If your discarded materials begin to pile up because your current machines can’t keep up, trading up for a higher capacity wire granulator product may be the right choice. Solid Equipment Company specialists will work with you to arrive at the most profitable and economical solution.

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Machine Specifications

MG 220 VZT

  • Capacity: 1,100-1,300 lbs. per hour
  • Dimensions: 153”x149”x151”
  • Weight: 8,818 lbs.
  • Motor: 80HP

 Tritronic 800 Series Pre-Shredder

  • Dimensions: 98”x59”x102”
  • Weight: 7,825 lbs.
  • Motor:  40HP, 50HP, or 60HP

Loading Belt with Magnetic Roll Pulley

  • Motor: 0.5HP