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Car Flatteners

Bronneberg car flatteners have been proven in the scrap market. Over the years, they have been the trusted provider to to scrap yards and car dismantling businesses and remain providers of trouble-free service every day.

Solid Equipment Company can supply Bronneberg car flatteners in a straight or angled (gravity fed) version. These machines come with an A-frame and can be picked up and moved with a roll-off truck.  The flattener is easy to use, mobile, and built for strenuous use.

Some of the most impressive benefits of Bronneberg car flatteners include:

  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ease of operation


With use help of a car flattener, you can keep your workspace clean and organized  by making vehicles easier to stack, store and transport.

Our Partnership with Bronneberg

Bronneberg Recycling Machines and Services is a global producer of highly specialized equipment designed to reduce certain industrial waste materials into essential components for recycling. One equipment group includes car flatteners. Solid Equipment Company provides the sale, installation, training, and service for this equipment to ensure successful operations.

Solid Equipment Company’s experts can help you to determine if a car flattener is the right choice of industrial recycling equipment for your specific circumstances, needs, and desires.


  • Feed Opening: 73”x65”
  • Press Force: 225,000 lbs. per force
  • Weight: 30,000 lbs.
  • Power Pack: Diesel 75HP
  • Capacity Per Hour: 20 to 25 cars every hour
  • Operation: Automatic

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