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Stainless Steel Separation Conveyors

Stainless Steel Separation Conveyors

With a patent magnetic circuit design of high-intensity neodymium magnets, you can recover up to 98% of small and mid fraction 300 Series Stainless Steel and remove up to 94% of irregular shaped stainless steel from ASR zurik lines – 5” minus in size – from your auto shredding or wire chopping stream. The result is the purest zurik and maximum removal of stainless steel and ferrous dust from wire fraction.


Bunting Magnetics Lab Tests indicate the SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor™ will remove 90-95% of stainless steel from your Zurik medium fraction and 85-94% on Zurik large fraction streams. Our engineers are also seeing that, on Customer Wire Streams before their Wire Choppers, the product is removing approximately 95% of the stainless steel pieces plus a large portion of the foam and fabric that has ferrous dust embedded in it. The total volume of stainless steel and dirt removed from these streams has been running approximately 15% by weight which allows increased production rates, higher purity and considerably less knife damage and down time.

scrap metal samples


  • ASR Zurik Stainless Steel Recovery & Purification

Magnetically pulls out stainless steel from the finder stream or recovery of stainless steel from mid to large fractions to improve purity for domestic sales (estimated purity levels of up to 98% depending on total system layout).

  • Appliance Recycling – Stainless Separation Recovery

Magnetically recovering lost stainless steel to improve profitability

  • Cleaning ICW Wire before Chopping / Post Chopping Copper Purification

Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor Features:

  • 8” and 12″ diameter High Intensity Magnetic pulleys to hold 300 Series Stainless Steel of all sizes.
  • Packaged put in place system with HD frame – SSSC – Vib Feeder as seen above
  • Patented High Intensity Neo Magnetic Circuit Head Pulley
  • 2-ply tough urethane belt with 30 mm flexwall and ½” sweeper cleats
  • Heavy duty formed 3/16” sideguard with flexwalled belt to seal off and contain flow
  • Heavy duty formed 3/16” frame with stainless steel frame at disc and forklift lifting slots for installation
  • VFD Controllers to operate between 30 and 120 fpm for effective separation
  • General capacities run about 1,000 #/hr/ft width on small fraction, 1,500 #/hr/ft width on mid-fraction, and about 2,000 #/hr/ft width on large fraction.
  • Easily adjustable rack and pinion splitter adjustment while in operation.
  • Adjustment wheel to easily adjust the bottom splitter forward and back while in operation.

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