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Call Today for an Estimate(866) 511-7720
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USED Shred Tech ST-50 Shredder for Recycling

Power: 40 HP
Cutting Chamber- 40″ L x 21″W
Blade width 1.5”
Variable Speed Drive
Works great

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The ST-50 Stationary Shredder can be used for the following applications:

Aluminum Recycling
Battery Recycling
Alkaline Battery Recycling
EV Battery Recycling
Lead Acid Battery Recycling
Lithium Ion Battery Recycling
Nickel Cadmium Battery Recycling
E-Waste Recycling
Computer Recycling
General Waste Recycling
Medical Waste Recycling
Metal Recycling

Plastic Recycling
Textiles & Carpet Recycling
Wood Recycling

Shred-Tech ST-50 Stationary Shredder
High performance and versatility are exactly what you can count on once you start utilizing the shredding power of the Shred-Tech® ST-50 Stationary Shredder. This solid and reliable shredder machine features a 25” x 40” shredding chamber, making it more than capable of tearing through bulky materials such as plastic parts, wood pallets, hazardous waste, electronic waste, and many more items. Your shredding company can greatly benefit from the durability and long serviceability of this industrial shredder. Designed for optimal shredding performance, the shredder features medium-duty throughput of between one to three tons per hour, which allows you to shred a higher volume of materials faster.

Our expert engineers have ensured that the ST-50 Stationary Shredder can effectively keep up with the increasing demands of the shredding industry. Not only will your company experience improved efficiencies, but you will also experience a reduced footprint for more opportunities for your business to diversify.