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Wire Strippers

Bronneberg Kab W Wire Stripper

If you are looking to strip heavy PVC, armored cable, or grease wire, the Bronneberg Kab-W wire stripper is likely the best tool for the job. Learn more

Alligator Shears

Bronneberg Forfex Alligator Shear 400, 500 & 600

Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears come with four-sided deep-hardened blades and are available in three different models: 400, 500, and 600. These units have 16″, 20″, and 24″ blades. This robust alligator shear is equipped with a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp, preventing the material from kicking back, and is designed for the cleaning and cutting of non-ferrous materials. Learn more

Bronneberg PowerBird Alligator Shear

Do you need a machine that can help you prepare scrap for shredding? The PowerBird is an ideal solution when you want to separate different types of material to improve their purity and value. Learn more

Mobile Hydraulic Shears

Holmatro Industrial Cutting Equipment

Holmatro handheld hydraulic shears are powerful and portable tools. They will handle more precise cuts than alligator shears and you can take the tool to the material rather than bringing the material to the shear. Learn more

Reel Splitters

Bronneberg Reel Splitter

Do you own defective or surplus paper and other packing material reels that you wish to recycle? Reel splitters are designed to cut these reels to separate material from the cores of each role. The leftover cut material, typically paper, can then be processed and recycled. Learn more

Electric Motor Recycling Machines

Bronneberg Electric Motor Recycling Machine

If you are able to accumulate a significant number of electric motors and accessories for recycling, then the electric motor recycler is a perfect solution for your needs. With a modest investment, this durable system will pay back the investment and earn continually over a long period of time. Learn more


Bronneberg High-Speed Baler

Scrap metal balers are required if you want to compress large metal objects into a transportable, compact size. Learn more

Cable Granulators

MG 380 VZT Cable Granulator

Capable of processing 1,500 to 2,650 lbs. of discarded wire and cable every hour, the MG 380 VZT is an innovative system that efficiently separates copper components from a variety of material with an amazing 99.9% accuracy.  Learn more

MG 150 Cable Granulator

The MG 150 granulator is a smaller system, but it effectively recycles aluminum, copper, radiators, and electronic boards. The new blade configuration of GR 300 granulation results in higher production rates at lower maintenance, less cost, a reduced need for spare parts, and a longer blade life. Learn more

MG 220 Cable Granulator

The MG 220 VZT is a medium size wire granulator designed to granulate, recover, and separate aluminum or copper components from a wide range of discarded electrical components. Learn more

MG Monster EVO Cable Granulator

With the help of the Monster EVO cable granulator you can economically and efficiently separate valuable aluminum and copper components from insulation—an impossible task without the proper equipment to handle volumes of varying sizes. Learn more