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Wire Granulators

Top-of-the-line wire granulators to maximize your recycling efficiency

Enhance your recycling efforts with our range of state-of-the-art wire granulators from the industry’s leading brands. These cable granulators are designed to efficiently process and separate copper wires and cables, enabling you to recover valuable materials and reduce waste.

At Solid Equipment Company, we understand the importance of sustainability and the need for reliable recycling solutions. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of wire granulator machines tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your wire recycling needs based on your space, material, budget, and capacity requirements.

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With our expertise and cutting-edge machinery, we are proud to be your trusted wire recycling equipment supplier. We aim to provide you with a granulator that perfectly aligns with your unique circumstances, delivering exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With our extensive range of new and used granulators, you can choose from high-quality options built to last. We also consider your space and logistics to ensure seamless integration with your existing operations. Contact us today at 888-813-9225  to know more.

New & Used Wire Granulators For Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following copper wire granulators:

C2 Cable Management Granulation Line

C2 Cable Management Granulation Line (2020)

Has sat for 2 years
Only about 5 truckloads worth of copper run through equipment- low hours
Still hooked up to power and can be seen in operation
Sweed single shaft shredder with additional screens
Transition conveyor with magnetic cross belt and head pulley magnet
40HP granulator with 2 full set of blades (maybe 3)-
3 or 4 screens included
25HP turbo mill
C2 density separator air table
Bowl screener
Dust collection system

FOB South FL

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MG Monster EVO Cable Granulator

MG Monster EVO Cable Granulator

The Monster EVO granulator is small and extremely efficient and can achieve 99.9% separation of plastics and metal in the first pass. We recommend adding a Turbo unit to increase your productivity by eliminating the need to pre-sort the wire and cable. The Turbo accessory may not be needed if you are only processing rigid cable.

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mg 150 wire granulator

MG 150 Wire Granulator

The MG 150 is a compact copper granulator specifically built to recover copper from electrical cables while consuming minimal energy. This equipment is capable of processing 330 to 660 lbs. of material every hour. The MG 150 granulator has the ability to separate fine and rigid wire through a pulverizing and separation process, and has a self-cleaning mode that reduces maintenance and removes dust.

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MG 220 VZT Wire Granulator

MG 220 VZT Wire Granulator

The MG 220 VZT is a high capacity wire granulating machine that recovers copper from just about any waste wiring component, including scrap of different specific gravities. Through its patented pulverizing system, the MG 220 VZT will process 1,100 to 1,300 lbs. of waste material every hour. The system is able to identify and separate thin wire from coarse rigid material and directs these to separate sections of the system for additional processing.

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MG 380 VZT Granulator Solid Equipment Company

MG 380 VZT Granulator

The MG 380 VZT processes between 1,765 and 2,650 lbs of material every hour.  After pulverizing scrap, the MG 380 VZT granulator sorts materials of varying weights through airflow separation. The machine is designed to fully recover aluminum and copper materials from even the thinnest materials. Utilizing the Tritonic Pre-Shredder, the 380 VZT adjusts to the thickness of each material before conveying it to the granulator and separator, making it highly efficient. Just like other MG granulators, this model comes with a self-operated dust removal system for easier maintenance and a longer lifespan.

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mg 610vzt wire granualtor

MG 610VZT Wire Granualtor

MG 610 VZT Cable Granulator – Unleash the Power of Maximum Production Capacity!

Looking to tackle large-scale wire recycling projects? Look no further than the MG 610 VZT Cable Granulator – the largest machine in the Matrix range, with an incredible production capacity of up to 4400 lbs per hour of infeed material.

This powerhouse of a machine can handle a wide variety of materials, including cables, fine wire, radiators, circuit boards, and other waste electrical scrap. With its immense capacity, the MG 610 VZT Cable Granulator ensures that you have more than enough material to feed and optimize its capabilities.


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used 120hp wire granulator for sale

120HP Wire Granulator


Wire granulators take scrap copper wire and separate the copper from the plastic that insulates the wire. The machine uses a dry physical crushing method. This prevents pollution while making the extraction process as simple as possible.

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cumberland 1837 granulator for sale

Cumberland 1837 Granulator

Cumberland 1837 Granulator

150 hp motor and new soft start

Customer bought it for plastic and says it has a radial rotor on it which is a multi blade rotor for wire chopping.

Works great

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MG 150 Wire Granulator & Cumberland Shredder IL

MG 150 Wire Granulator & Cumberland Shredder Item# 196

USED MG 150 Wire Granulator & Cumberland Shredder

Serial number:  6000/0106

Production:         up to 400-600LB/h

Power:                 30 HP

Size:                       9’ 9” x 4’3” x 9’ 2”

Weight:                5070 LB

The MG 150 is a compact wire granulator equipped with a turbo mill. This unit can process harness and communication wire as well as #1.  MG Granulator Parts and service are available from Solid Equipment Company.

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MG Compact 150T Cable Granulation

MG 150T Wire Granulator


Barely used

In Great Shape Ready to Ship

Under 100 Hours of use

MG Compact 150T Cable Granulation and Separation Plant with an input capacity of 330-500 lbs./hour based on 40-45% Cu content. The plant is partly installed on a steel platform.


Technical specifications:

– Power Pack: Electric- 480 Volt – 3 Phase – 60 Hz – 20 HP

– Turbo:  Yes: 10HP with inverter (speed regulator)

– Production:  330-500 lbs/hour input

– Filter:  Exchangeable filter bag for transport air

– Dimensions: 117” x 52” x 111”

– Weight: 4,100 lbs

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Our scrap metal recycling experts can help you choose the precise industrial recycling equipment you will need for the projected volume of material you plan to process. Additionally, dependent upon your space and other logistic requirements, we can ensure that the granulator you choose coordinates well with your other activities. From these and more specific variables like efficiency and cost, you will be able to select high-quality granulating equipment that will serve you well for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wire Granulators

Wire granulators take scrap copper wire and separate the copper from the plastic that insulates the wire. The machine uses a dry physical crushing method. This prevents pollution while making the extraction process as simple as possible.

Copper cable and wiring are standard in industrial waste. These products are pretty valuable yet are often discarded or lost entirely. Wire granulators help prevent this waste. If you work in material or industrial spaces and have a large amount of waste, you can benefit from wire granulators.

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