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Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers for Efficient Wire Recycling

Wire strippers are essential for electrical contracting, telecommunications, and industrial recycling industries. They help remove the insulation from wires, allowing for easier handling and recycling of valuable copper, aluminum, or other conductive materials.

For reliable and efficient wire strippers for your business in the United States, look no further than Solid Equipment Company. We supply high-quality wire stripping machines from the industry’s best brands that can streamline your wire recycling and processing operations and maximize your productivity.

Quality Wire Stripping Machines that Make a Difference

The wire recycling equipment we supply is designed with advanced technology and precision engineering to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Whether you’re working with thin electrical wires or thicker cables, our wire stripping machinery can handle a wide range of wire sizes and types.

Invest in a wire stripping machine and experience the difference in your wire processing operations.

Industrial Wire Strippers for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following Wire Stripper equipment:

WS-801 Wire Stripper

Discover how the WS801 Wire Stripper can elevate your scrap recycling process. This powerful machine is equipped for high-volume stripping of copper wire, enhancing efficiency and profitability in your business. In this video, we will demonstrate the machine’s key features, operation ease, and sheer durability that make it the perfect choice for any serious scrap yard. Whether you are processing small amounts of wire or handling industrial-scale recycling, the WS801 is a game-changer.

Watch the video to learn more and see how you can transform your wire stripping process today!

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Bronneberg KAB-W USA

Bronneberg Kab-W Wire Stripper

If you are looking to strip heavy PVC, armored cable, or grease wire, the Bronneberg Kab-W wire stripper is likely the best tool for the job.

Are you looking to purchase a new or used wire stripper? Solid Equipment Company offers nationwide sales of industrial recycling equipment to help you process your recycling needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wire strippers play a crucial role in electrical contracting, telecommunications, and industrial recycling industries. They are essential tools for removing the insulation from wires, making handling and recycling the valuable copper, aluminum, or other conductive materials inside the cables easier.

Yes, there is a significant demand for copper in the recycling industry. Discarded electrical equipment, cables, and wires often contain recyclable copper, which can yield substantial value. As the cost of mining new copper continues to rise, the prices for recovered scrap copper remain high and are expected to increase further.

Efficient and profitable equipment can help separate the copper wire from insulating materials, enabling businesses to capitalize on the value of recycled copper.

The Bronneberg Kab-W wire stripper is designed to strip a wide range of wires, including stainless jackets, steel mesh armored cable, steel tape armored cable, cables with lead insulators, and thick nylon ridged cables (high voltage cables) with diameters over 7 inches. Its deep, hardened gripping wheels allow for easy cleaning of the machine.

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