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Electric Motor Recycling Machines

Our Electric Motor Recyclers Are Easy to Use & Built to Last

Recycle Your Own Electric Motors

Inside discarded electric motors are valuable copper and aluminum components. These motors are constructed with sturdy shells of steel to protect the delicate wiring and parts within.

Only very rugged, specialized equipment can split those casings to recover the inner metals. Solid Equipment Company’s electric motor recycling equipment is capable of splitting even the toughest motors for recycling.

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Electric Motor Recycler
The motor pictured here is manufactured by O’Jung out of South Korea, for which Solid Equipment Company is the exclusive distributor in North America.

3 Set-Up Options for Electric Motor Recycling Equipment

Single Platform – which can be seen in the video.  This set-up has one motor that runs EITHER the left side of the machine for the cracking/splitting function OR the right side of the machine for the copper extraction.

Double Platform – The machine is basically split in two.  The hydraulic press or cracking/splitting platform is separate from the copper extraction platform.  Each unit has its own motor and can be independent of the other. Pictures below. The dimensions of each platform include: 47”L x 27”W x 86”H – 1,800 lbs (cracking/splitting platform). 70”L x 41”W x 82” – 2,700 lbs (copper extraction platform)

Triple Platform – This set-up is 3 separate platforms. Two hydraulic presses and 1 copper extraction platform.  One press is for cracking the cast, one press is for splitting the stators and the final platform extracts the copper.

All the different set-ups have the same components to service the same function.  The more platforms you have, the quicker the process is and the more production you can handle.

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How Do You Recycle Motors?

Typically, valuable copper and aluminum components are shrouded in tough cast iron or hard aluminum outer casings that, at first glance, seem impenetrable. With the electric motor recycler’s three-step process, the reusable components can be rescued from the casings and internal structure to yield these highly valuable components.

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About Our Electric Motor Recycling Equipment

Are you looking to purchase a new or used Electric Motor Wrecker? We are proud to sell electric motor recycling equipment and can walk you through the benefits. This powerful technology is designed with an ergonomic working height and offers maximum security while in use. For your convenience, it is also easy to relocate!

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What Is Our Electric Motor Recycling Equipment Like?

The electric motor recycling machine is capable of disassembling even the toughest motors and separating any and all valuable components. We also offer compressor cutting equipment, such as the CW-809A!


  • The machine, with accessories specific to many processes, is 240V/480V-5.5 kW-powered
  • The dimensions of this system are 59” wide by 33.5” deep by 98.4” high
  • The equipment weighs approximately 3,300 lbs.
  • The machine can process  2 – 13” diameter stators
  • Grade 25 oil is used
  • The hydraulic press has 15 tons of pressure

How Recycling Motors Works

In preparation for the mechanical recycling of the electric motor, outer pieces and attachments that can be removed should be unscrewed and put aside. This should reveal the actual external housing of the electric motor.

This industrial electric motor recycling machine employs a three-stage process to harvest the valuable material within.

Stage One

The operator initiates the separation and removal of the outer casing to expose the elements of the electric motor. With extreme high pressure exerted by the splitting apparatus, the aluminum or cast iron housing is cut on opposing sides to separate and peeled away to expose the stator. The anchor/rotor is then removed.

Stage Two

The second stage is the cleaving of the stator or transformer block into two equal pieces. By opening these up, copper coils are now exposed and ready for separation from the remaining parts and materials.

Stage Three

The third stage of the process involves pulling the copper wiring away from the surrounding metal through which it had been threaded by means of a complex hydraulic system. Teeth grip the winding and pushing rods push the housing away, leaving the copper wiring fully exposed and unattached.

The Result

A volume of valuable copper wiring cleanly separated from a pile of scrap metal and plastic that may also be recycled.

Contact Solid Equipment Company to Buy Your New or Used Electric Motor Recycling Machine

If you are able to accumulate a significant number of electric motors and accessories for recycling, then the electric motor recycler is a perfect solution for your needs. With a modest investment, this durable system will pay back the investment and earn continually over a long period of time. An average-sized electric motor will require just minutes to disassemble and segregate the valuable components. A qualified worker with experience with our machine can process up to 20 motors per hour.

Contact Solid Equipment Company now to discuss the valuable benefits that this recycling resource can bring to your company’s bottom line.

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