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Handheld Hydraulic Shears

Handheld Hydraulic Shears Solid Equipment Company

Cutting-Edge Handheld Hydraulic Shears for Efficient Industrial Recycling

Solid Equipment Company offers top-of-the-line handheld portable hydraulic shears that revolutionize how you process scrap materials. Our handheld hydraulic shear range is designed to tackle various applications with ease. Our portable electric shears deliver unparalleled power and performance, from cutting through thick steel to precision trimming. Engineered with precision and built to last, they guarantee exceptional durability and efficiency.

As a leading hydraulic shear supplier, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our hand-held electric shears are meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring seamless operation and minimal downtime.

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Experience the cutting-edge technology of our handheld hydraulic shear collection today. Boost your productivity, save time, and optimize your recycling processes like never before.

Explore our range of handheld hydraulic shears and unleash the true potential of your recycling operations. Together, let’s reshape the future of industrial recycling. Contact us today at 888-813-9225 to know more.

Industrial Handheld Shears for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following handheld hydraulic shear equipment:

Handheld Hydraulic Shears Solid Equipment

Handheld Hydraulic Shears

Our handheld hydraulic shears are powerful and portable tools. They will handle more precise cuts than alligator shears, and you can take the tool to the material rather than bringing the material to the shear. The handheld shear is easy to use and relatively lightweight. The high-pressure hydraulic tool can be used anywhere you need to go on the job.

This industrial recycling tool  is specially designed for a wide range of testing industrial applications. The Holmatro cutter has general standard blades. Therefore this cutter is very much suitable in applications like:

Car recycling:

Catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, doors, A- and B-posts, drive shafts (hollow), engine mountings, steering columns, bumpers, bull bars and pressed steel wishbones.


Rod material, tube profiles, frames, construction materials, wood, roots (trees), fuel pipes, heating pipes, small cables.


Removing risers and feeders from aluminum castings

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Auto Shear

Auto Shear

Removing catalytic converters using conventional tools like angle grinders or reciprocating saws can be slow, tedious, or even dangerous, with plenty of sharp edges to catch your hands and arms. The AutoShear product from AutoDrain makes it quick and easy to cut catalytic converters free from salvage vehicles during the recycling process.

At Solid Equipment Company, we are proud to feature the AutoShear from our partners at AutoDrain. The tool is a cost-effective way to process catalytic converters faster, increasing profits for auto recyclers and salvage yards. Our company works with industrial recyclers, scrap yards, and salvage yards throughout the United States and Canada, providing valuable equipment that increases productivity, maximizes profits, and improves safety at these facilities. We offer both new and used industrial recycling equipment, and we work with our clients to find the best tools and equipment to meet their needs.

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