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Rail Cutter

Rail attachment

This Rail Cutter equals enormous capacity. With its fast cycle times and incredible cutting power, the RRC will process tonnes of rail in the blink of an eye!

Unique Features of the Rail Cutter

  1. Upper Head and Slewing Ring: The RRC Series is fitted with a strong rotating upper head and a heavy-duty, double-rowed slewing ring. The hydraulic motors generate a high torque, allowing the RRC Series to be moved in every possible position. The RRC is constructed from high-grade performance steel and wear-resistant materials. This includes an incredibly strong bottom and upper jaw with replaceable cutting knives and main axes with wide pivots as the basis.
  2. Specifically Developed Hydraulic Cylinder: The hydraulic cylinder with a pressure relief valve guarantees maximum cutting forces under controlled circumstances.
  3. The Double Hose Connection: The double hose connection on the swivel and large diameter of hoses, bores, and pipes creates optimum oil flow. This connection stops heat building up in the hydraulic system, reducing the fuel consumption.

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rail attachment

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