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Solid Equipment Company is a prominent industrial equipment and machinery supplier based in the Illinois.

We leverage years of experience, practical expertise, and a widespread national network to provide top-notch solutions and recycling equipment from the industry’s leading brands, tailored to your specific needs in industrial, vehicle recycling, and demolition.

We dedicate significant resources to comprehensively understand your business and devise bespoke strategies that cater to your unique recycling needs.

At Solid Equipment Company, we are dedicated to comprehensively assessing your specific needs and objectives before providing recommendations on the most appropriate machinery to meet your requirements.

Industrial Recycling Equipment

The process of industrial recycling involves transforming waste materials generated from industrial operations into fresh or reusable materials or goods. As environmental issues continue to escalate, industrial recycling equipment has become increasingly significant in reducing waste production, conserving natural resources, and mitigating the adverse effects of manufacturing procedures.

While it’s admirable that many industries strive to minimize energy and water consumption in their manufacturing operations, the economic, environmental, and human health consequences of material disposal are frequently underestimated.

Why is Industrial Recycling Important?

  • Helps reduce the need for new raw materials
  • Minimizes waste generation and decreases the Company’s waste disposal cost
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and landfill space
  • Generates revenue through the sale of recyclable materials
  • Conserves natural resources by reducing the need for mining, logging, and other extraction activities
  • Boosts Company’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability
  • Creates jobs in the collection, transportation, processing, and marketing of recycled materials

Types of industrial recycling machinery that we offer are:

Our ability to provide quality service knows no bounds, enabling us to stand out as one of the leading providers of industrial recycling equipment. Our commitment is to efficiently and effectively fulfill your order across Illinois.

Partner with us to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses!

Demolition Equipment

Ensuring the safe and efficient removal of buildings and structures requires using top-notch demolition equipment. This equipment minimizes the risk of accidents, limits environmental harm, and enhances the productivity of the demolition process. Investing in high-quality demolition equipment can increase your profitability and save costs. List of superior demolition equipment that we offer are:

Don’t let outdated or inadequate demolition equipment hold your business back.

Upgrade to the best in the industry with Solid Equipment Company. Reach out to us and discover how cutting-edge equipment can help you streamline your demolition process and achieve optimal results.

Take your business to the next level with high-quality demolition equipment from top industrial brands.

Vehicle Recycling Equipment

Vehicle recycling is salvaging and reusing various components and materials from end-of-life vehicles.

The practice of vehicle recycling helps to reduce the environmental impact of cars, trucks, and other vehicles by reducing the amount of waste produced, conserving natural resources, and reducing energy consumption.

It is also an important source of raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, and other metals, which can be recycled and used to produce new vehicles and other products.

The multitude of vehicle recycling equipment that we offer are:

Solid Equipment Company is your ultimate dealer for tackling the challenges of car recycling. Need help determining which tools are best suited for your vehicle recycling operations? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our team of knowledgeable industry experts is just a phone call away at 888-813-9225. Let’s get you on the path to success today!

Other Equipment

In addition to our comprehensive range of top-quality industrial recycling equipment, we are also a leading provider of powerful machines specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of industrial processes. They include:

Used Industrial Recycling Equipment

Solid Equipment Company also offers used industrial recycling equipment for sale across the Illinois, like:

  • Wire Granulators
  • Wire Strippers
  • Electric Motor Recycling Machines
  • Scrap Metal Balers
  • And More!

Compromising quality can be a costly decision. At Solid Equipment Company, we choose the brands we provide and partner with manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards for their products.

Trust us to evaluate your requirements and recommend the tools that will take your productivity to the next level, while minimizing recovery costs and optimizing your bottom line.

Don’t settle for inferior industrial recycling equipment! Get in touch with us to procure superior machinery and expert guidance.

Areas We Serve

From sea to shining sea, our products and services can be found throughout the USA, including:

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